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ok i have been in orientation for about 3 mos now...and they are moving me to nites which i have to orient for 2 weeks....then i will be on my own...i am sooo intimidated by the drs. and everything...i am just really scared..any suggestions? do you remember when you went on your own for the first time?


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Yes I do remember, very well. And you have to remember, you are NOT "alone" even if you are off orientation. Do not hesitate to use your charge nurse and coworkers as resources to help you in any situation in which you feel unsure or threatened. No one expects you to know it all or not to ask any more questions. Don't be afraid to ask when you need help!

Take care and good luck. Let us know how it goes.


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Just get really drunk first. Kidding!!

I am about to go off orientation too... my preceptor has been backing off gradually so that now I'm almost on my own anyway except when I need help or am super busy and drowning. You may want to consider this if you aren't doing it already, and if you think it would help. Some "testing out the waters" days.

Although I would like to be able to observe her more for the last two weeks, it also helps to get released gradually because I don't really feel like I'm getting cut free all at once. Since I know that they will still be there for my questions, it will be almost the same as now (unless my first day off orientation is crazy busy which Murphy's Law states that it will be!!).

I think we just have to hang in there, prioritize, and ask when we aren't sure about things. The asking gets old but my patients are #1 so I don't care. If I feel like I'm bugging someone by asking a question (possibly for the 15th time) I try to add some humor so it's not so much drudgery. I also have made some checklists for things that I find just aren't "sticking" so I can remember them (actually everyone else keeps asking to see my checklists :).

Everything should continue to fall into place! As Deb wrote, let us know how it's going. You and I are on the same schedule so I'm sure I'll be on here crying, complaining, or something!! LOL

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I also have made some checklists for things that I find just aren't "sticking" so I can remember them (actually everyone else keeps asking to see my checklists :).


Could you share your checklist here? I'd like to see what it looks like. Also, since it's been a couple of years since I did OB clinicals, I'd like to brush up on my OB material. Anyone have suggestions of a book (Is there an OB nursing made incredibly easy book?) besides my OB Nursing textbook that might help me? I probably should post this as a seperate question...I think I will. TIA!


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I graduated 3 years ago and remember very well the end of orientation, moving to nights for a few weeks of ori then being on my own and just as you described, being scared to death!!! As already mentioned, don't be afraid to ask a lot of questions - you are not expected to know everything just because you are off orientation! I always felt like I asked TOO many questions but on my first review my charge nurse had written that she was not afraid to give me complex patients because she KNEW I would ask for help before I would ever risk harming a pt. There will be frustrations and definitely a few rough nights - but ya gotta start somewhere :) Good Luck!!!

Don't make your self sick over this. Just remember, everybody you're working with was once new too! You'll be able to figure out who are the good resource people, who you're comfortable going to with your questions. Don't let the MD's get to you either, you just have to prove yourself to them one at a time.

Also, it's better to have someone double check a vag exam then to guess.

And you're not going to see everything there is to see during orientation. I've been a OB nurse for almost 20 years and there are somethings I don't want to ever see!:balloons: :balloons:

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