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Hi all,

I have a BA degree and I'm applying to 2 nursing schools (both accelerated BSN). Everyone says that they are more intense than the regular second degree route. Could anyone in an accelerated program give me some specifics about how aspects of their education are more "intense" than regular BSN programs?

Do you take more classes in a semester? Do the professors give more tests etc.? Do you spend way more hours in clinicals?

Finally, for those of you in the accelerated programs, if you could do it over again, would you chose this route or the non-accelerated second-degree way?:confused:


I just graduated from an accelerated BSN program in Oct. It was one heck of a rough year. Basically what made it so tough was that all of that info. was crammed into one year. It made it hard to retain what you were actually learning and especially hard to keep up with all the reading we had to do. We were in class Mon. and Tue. from 8-5 and had clinical Wed., Thur., and Fri. 6:45-2. All of our clinicals were at different places, because we had 3 different clinicals in one quarter, and we had to go the night before to prep for med-surg clinicals. This meant A LOT of time travelling. But it was worth it, and I would do it again! Just be prepared to devote ALL of your free time to school. Oh, and accelerated programs vary in length-- I've seen anywhere from 11-16 months. Perhaps a 16 month program would be more conducive to having a life???

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I did mine excelerated BS/MS in two years but on line. Was very hard. I read 98 books for the program. Basically I worked full time all but the last three months when I was taking 8 classes and doing my thesis. Plus I have 5 kids/three are out of the house now which I am greatly loving.



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Being a soon to be nursing student, I've too have been wondering about accelerated programs. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I gather one needs to be a LPN/RN before acceleration is an option?


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There are different accelerated programs, I'm referring to the one for people who are not currently nurses but have earned Bachelor degrees in another field.

I do believe they have other accelerated programs out there. For example: BSN to Ph.d


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pnurseuwm - I am so glad you asked this question. I am trying to get into a 16 month program starting next fall. Anyone out there with info would be great! Especially someone with a young son will be 5 when I start and I have lots of support from friends and family...I just want an idea of how much time...

Thanks EmeraldNYL for your input...& how much time each night and weekend would you spend studying?


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The only accelerated BSN program that I've seen in the Phoenix area is a RN to BSN program. I too have a BS degree and was asking about such a program. I suppose I could roll my own accelerated program, by stacking 21 units per semester. Is there anything other to it than that? What shortcuts would one get in an accelerated 2nd bachelors degree? Do they waive pre-reqs and allow concurrent enrollment? :confused:


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I will graduate from a 12-month accelerated BSN program next month. I have four children, aged 11 to 2. You must have a great support network -- my husband and mom-in-law have really picked up the slack this year.

Throughout the year, I was gone from around 7 AM to 4 PM every day (not unlike a full-time job). The kicker is the study time outside of class. I probably averaged an hour or two of studying every night -- and 8 hours on the weekend.

With all that said, I'm happy I did it this way!! One year goes by really, really fast. I saw a girl who was in my pre-req classes last year. She chose to do a transfer BSN program. She started 6 months after me. I graduate next month and she'll graduate in May 2006. I'm hoping to be nearly done with an M.S. in May 2006!

If you can commit yourself to the pace and work of an accelerated program, then it's a great way to get done fast!


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I'm in an accelerated entry level MSN program. I love it but it's tough. One thing I really like is that we are all extraordinarily committed to learning and have great study skills. Have you ever had to do a group project and wound up carrying the group? We did a group project last week and it went so well. We were all the ones who showed up prepared and did the work. One thing I don't like is that the whole year is going by in a blur. I just hope I'll still remember this stuff 10 years from now. My opinion: if your study skills are good, if you're self-motivated and an independent learner, if your support system, finances, and psyche can take it: do it.

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