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So I was wondering if I can get help from anyone who lives in Ontario, Canada. I was thinking of going into the RPN (Registered Practical Nurse) program at a local college. As I researched jobs, I have noticed that most jobs out there are only part-time with very little full-time positions posted to the public. My main question is how long in your opinion does it typically take to gain full-time employment, either at a long term health facility or hospital? (I am aware that both of those places are all sonority based)

Thanks for any insight!

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There is no way of knowing. It can take a long time since most are awarded by seniority and with jobs so scarce many people are hanging onto what they have. Could take months to years. Generally full time is filled from within so you seldom see them posted publicly.


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It took me about six weeks of firing off resumes to all the RPN jobs in my area, (southwest Ontario), to get hired part time in a retirement facility. After working three months at that facility I took a full time position. After gaining experience I am now transitioning to a hospital setting which I find more interesting and is significantly higher paying. The common experience exiting nursing school as an RPN in SW Ontario seems to be juggling several part time positions until you can gain seniority and experience and an opportunity presents itself.

I have two pieces of advice for you. First, if you are passionate about nursing and really want to care for people then go for it. With perseverance you will be able to turn a casual/part time position into a full time position. Second, any setting will have learning opportunities that will allow to grow as a nurse. When you first leave nursing school the amount that you still have to learn is won't even know how much you don't know. Apply for everything and maintain a positive outlook - you have the opportunity and privilege to make a difference in people's lives no matter where you go.


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Thanks! That was very helpful!

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I was really lucky because I did the new grad guarantee program which gave me full time for 6 months and then I was offered full time afterwards, but I declined because I went back to school for my BscN. I still work part time on that floor though. From my experience it takes awhile to get FT due to seniority...if you can get in as a casual and then work your way up the ranks to get full time that is the best option. Lots of competition right now.


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I did New Grad Program and was hired full time immediately afterwards. I graduated in 2010 (RPN) and have been working full time since then. Hamilton , ontario