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Can someone tell me what the point of kaplan trainers are and what the difference between 1-7? Thanks I've been wanting to know!!!


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Kaplan Q-trainers are designed to make you "critically think"......if you purchased Kaplan, please use the entire program....I know a folks who only used 30-70% of the program and was not successful with the NCLEX.

Trainers 1-7 gets harder (per trainer) as you proceed....NCLEX Qs are short-sentenced....meaning you will get maybe 1-2 lines only (at least I did) and you will need to answer correctly so that the test will give you harder Qs (harder Qs passess the NCLEX)...I thought Kaplan prepared me well.

According to Kaplan, you need to score about 60% and above on all trainers and about 65% on Q-bank Qs...some people scored less than 60% on the entire program, but passed the NCLEX, because they knew how to critical think.

If you have time, include NCLEX 3500/4000, Saunders 4th ed CD, LaCharity's priorit/deleg in your studies, know meds, know diseases (renal/respiratory/endocrine/cardiovascular) issues, understand ped/ob/gyn problems, do as many Qs on SATA as you can, review math calculations and know how to round.

The above mentioned should help you set up a good study plan.

Sending Best wishes with the NCLEX!!


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Thanks for the reply! Very detailed and I appreciate it! I've been doing qbanks and I did the first trainer. I'm also doing nclex 3500 and the Saunders CD. I'm kinda all over the place!! When I get sick of looking at Kaplan questions, I move to Saunders, and then Nclex 3500. Back and forth! I'm really bad at pharm (about 40%) so I'm working on that right now... Meds and Labor Delivery/Newborn seem to be my weak areas. AH! Thanks so much =o) :typing

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