The Post-interview Follow up letter

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I have the manger's email address and snail mail. Where do you think is the best place to send the "thank you for your time and consideration" letter. Email or Address?

Email appears to be acceptable these days for this type of communication. Having said that, I would send out the email later on the same day as the interview. That type of promptness will impress the interviewer, & take advantage of the speed with which email messages can be sent.

First interview: I did not write a thank you, only because I could not find my interviewers contact information--I got the job. Second interview: I emailed my interviewers a thank you note --did not get the job. Third interview: I wrote out a thank you on a simple note card, took it to the post office to mail right after my interview--got the offer two days after the interview.

My third interview went so well. During the interview I was introduced to the staff on the floor and given a tour. I was told how nice I was by the NM and how much easier it is to teach a new nurse how to be a good nurse over teaching a new nurse how to be a nice nurse. I made sure to reiterate my interviewers inferences about me by writing and mailing that thank you note immediately.

My second interview did not go so well. It was in a field of nursing I had no strong desire to be a part of; and I'm fairly certain my answers to the interview questions reflected that attitude. So it did not matter if I sent a card that sings or dances; or if I tried to bribe them; within the first few questions, I was already on the 'do not call' list--I knew it, too.

My first interview went great. I felt like I was with friends. I really wanted to write thank you notes but I never asked for their full name or any other contact information--lesson learned. But I did try to call several of the locations where I thought they originated from.

So, I'm somewhat convinced that writing a thank you note for a bad job interview does nothing to up your chances; whereas, a thank you note for a great interview will only reiterate what they think of you and COULD up your chances if they are undecided.

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