The Most Frustrating Mistake I Could Have Made


For the past 3 years I had been working towards applying for nursing school and this year I finally have enough pre-reqs finished to apply. I had been working on my applications and essays for months (literally) and applying has consumed the vast majority of my thoughts/worries since mid-November. I successfully turned three applications but the fourth application was more detailed as it required three different essays.

The final school had all my transcripts and, although I only had an hour to turn in the application, it was online and I only had a few final touches so I wasn't worried. After the final proof reading was done (but before submitting the application) I got up, made some celebration tea, and promptly fell asleep and missed the deadline to submit. This morning I printed out a hard copy of the application and gave it to them in person, but I highly doubt they'll accept it because it was a day late and, as we all know, these days nursing schools have the luxury of being very picky.

I am so frustrated/embarrassed/sad/mad right now. I am generally level headed but I cannot stop the dialogue in my head telling me how incompetent I am. If I can't be trusted to hit a stinking "submit" button how can I be trusted as a nurse? I am too embarrassed to talk to someone face-to-face, but I still needed to vent to someone.

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I wish you the very best.....


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If I can't be trusted to hit a stinking "submit" button how can I be trusted as a nurse?

This kind of all or nothing thinking is not really healthy. This one particular mistake doesn't make you an incompetent human being, it just makes you human. They may not accept your application because of it, and that is frustrating, but the other three are done. Maybe "the universe" is trying to tell you that this program is not right for you.


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You still turned in THREE other applications. Be proud of yourself!!!


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We all make mistakes. Don't be too hard on yourself. I know all to well how that goes, but truly, it won't do you any good. Try to move past it in your mind. You're not stupid or anything like that, you're just human! :)


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On the bright side, at least you still successfully submitted three others :)

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That sucks, but hey, you have a chance at 3 others! I have all my eggs in one basket now, and am waiting to hear. Good luck, it may be for the best!


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You guys are so optimistic you make it hard to pout :D thanks for the support. I've never participated in online forums before allnurses and I am shocked by how much of a difference it has made.

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Awww, Mauice don't beat yourself up. Mistakes happen, big ones and small ones by EVERYONE!

You never said..when you printed out the hard copy and hand delievered it to them..did they accept it or did they tell you the deadline was the day before?! I'd think if they took it, you have a great chance at being considered. If they refused it, well, lesson tea before submit!!

And if they refused it, you still have 3 others you can hope for.


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I just got an email saying the accepted my application!!! :D :D :D I don't yet know if I'm accepted to the program, but at least I have a shot!


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That's great news! I'm so happy for you. :yeah: It all worked out.