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THE Maryland Board of Nursing is the ABSOLUTE BEST!!!! NJBON is trash


Hello everyone ,

I am a recent May 2014 graduate. I attended school in the state of Maryland, however my state of residence is New Jersey. As a result, I decided to apply and register to take my boards in NJ, which was BY FAR thee absolute WORST decision of my life !!

I graduated college in May, as previously stated, and my school sent my documents (letter of completion) to the New Jersey Board of Nursing (NJBON) in June. The NJBON stated that they never received my letter of completion from my school. I spoke with numerous representatives, two of which told me that because my school had sent my letter of completion in too early it was very possible that it had gotten lost. I told them that I had assumed they were professionals and therefore were not in the habit of losing vital documents. I literally called the NJBON everyday and I got something different each time. Some of the workers didnt even know what an ATT number was !!! One day, a representative told me that he could see that my Letter of Completion had been scanned a long time ago so he was not sure why his fellow coworkers had stated that they had not laid eyes on my LOC. The young man ensured me that he would make a note stating that my letter of completion was there, that it had been there for about a month, and that they should continue with my application process. I got off of the phone with the gentleman and called back , in what was literally 5 minutes later, to be told by another worker that my letter of completion was not there. I told them that I had just gotten off of the phone with a representative who gave me the date and time that my letter of completion was in the system. After telling her this, she then said "oh yea, its here. Umm maybe we need your transcripts". I told her that transcripts was not listed as a requirement on the application or online. She said "Oh it's something we just started. The workers know about it".

Frustrated and upset with their level of incompetence, I decided to go the Maryland Board of Nursing and apply. My mother and I drove down this past Friday. The process took us literally 5 minutes. We got our fingerprinting done. We went to the MBON which is within the same vicinity as the CJIS fingerprinting. We handed the lady our paperwork. We were prepared for a little wait time to get my ATT number because we had gone on a Friday and we know that they are closed on the weekends. Today, is monday and I have received my ATT number. Im sure if I had gone on Thursday, I would have had my ATT number by Friday. Morale of the study NJBON is trash. You literally have to stay on top of them and even after doing so I cant offer you any guarantees that it'll get better. I just thank God that I was able to get my ATT number and schedule my date today.

The MBON is flawless and you should have your ATT number within NO TIME. I suggest taking the time to drive to Baltimore and hand deliver your documents versus mailing them in.