The light at the end of the tunnel


I am 9 days away from my final for my first year of nursing school. Took my last unit exam yesterday. Done with clinicals and lecture. I have an ATI exam Thursday and then, the next Monday, my final. I am able to breath again! What an amazing year this has been. I have learned so much, changed my way of thinking, and am excited for next year.

Just feeling happy and wanted to share. :)


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Yay! It seems like not that long ago we were excited and nervous about starting and now we're 50% there! Congrats for surviving and enjoy the summer!

I have a bunch of clinical paperwork to finish this weekend and then a final on Tuesday and then DONE. What's great is I did so well on my HESI exit exam, my final isn't even counting for a grade. So I have zero study stress :)


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I start my first semester this fall. Its nice to read a happy nursing school post. Most people are complaining and it scares me. I know it will probably be the hardest thing I ever do but I am really excited to learn! Good luck with the rest of your schooling! I hope it goes as well or better than your first year!


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Congratulations! Wow, can't tell you how happy I'll be when I reach the end of my first year. :geek: Study hard!