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The job advert I would love to see


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well i have waited many years to see my ideal job advertised and as it has yet to happen though i would write my own advert........

wanted: a keen committed nurse to join our supportive team in a well run, well equipped and adequately funded unit. the team is made up of a wide range of nurses and is supportive in nature. the ethos of the ward is entirely patient focussed and delivering the best possible care drives what we do

experience - not necessary. we accept and understand that there may be some fantastic candidates out there who more than make up what they lack in experience in enthusiasm, potential and the desire to learn. we can train anybody what we can't do is add on those qualities to someone's experience however extensive.

support - the unit encourages a hands on approach from the most junior to senior nurse and we hope that much of your learning will come through direct example however you will also be allocated an intelligent dynamic preceptor that no only values teaching and empowering but measures their success on how their preceptees do.

training - we have a robust training schedule that means that all staff are given the necessary training both internally and externally in order to fullfill their role effectively. the policy contains a clause ensuring that training is allocated on a fair basis as opposed to on a who is flavour of the month one!

sickness - we prefer to employ nurses rather than robots and realise that nursing can be physically and emotionally exhausting so undertsand completely that at times you made go off sick. when this happens we will give you the full support of the occupational health department - not to bully you into coming back far to quickly but in order to ensure that you have whatever is necessary to facilitate your recovery.

family friendly policy - not only do we have one but we believe in it. we value our nurses that have children and realise that if we change their shift with twenty minutes notice we are likely to leave them without childcare and the inconvenience of a harrassed nurse with various children in tow.

off duty - we have a special electronic system for allocating off duty so that it is done fairly and cannot be influenced by who is best friends with the off duty co-ordinator! it sounds a very loud alarm if a nurse ends up doing all the weekends or public holidays or any other assortment of undesirable shifts - and immediately gives you an extra day off.

parking - not only does the unit have adequate parking it is well lit and within a reasonable walking distance of the unit.

equipment - the unit is well stocked with equipment that has not only been purchased with direction from the nurses but is also maintained so you will not waste endless time trying to find not only the right equipment to do the job but one that is also fully functional!!

promotion - is a real possibility and is based on your experience, values and skills as a nurse and never in order to move someone less deserving upwards and therefore more removed from patient care.

overtime - is available if you would like it but is never mandated. in addition you work the hours you are paid to work, when your shift finishes you will be expected to go home safe in the knowledge that the new shift are on and sufficiently well staffed to take over any care.

targets - our management body have decided that figure led targets only have limited use and we are measured primarily on patient satisfaction.

demand is expected to be quite high for this once in a lifetime post so early application is advised!!! :)

TheMoonisMyLantern, ADN, LPN, RN

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Now THAT sounds like a good job!

In my dreams

emtb2rn, BSN, RN, EMT-B

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My manager has gotten our er pretty close to that ideal. Not there but close.

Stcroix, ASN, RN

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OP, good job on the dream. If you are going to dream, dream big!

Double-Helix, BSN, RN

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Salary: Begins 100,000 per year and may be increased based on length of stay and job performance.


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sign me up!!! :D sounds wonderful!

llg, PhD, RN

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I wouldn't want to be evaluated only (or even primarily) on patient satisfaction. That's the basis of all the "customer service," "consierge," etc. care that gives us so much trouble. I wouldn't want to have to cater to every patient's family's every whim.

HangInThere, BSN, RN

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Love it!