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The history of Nursing Degrees in America



I am interested to know a little about the history of American Nurses. Is there a webside you recommend?

Can someone please tell me what is the history of the nursing degrees in America?

I know RNs were trained in hospitals, unlike today: in colleges. When did this change? What are the differences in their education? And in employment status?

Also: Where do LPNs and Nurse Techs get their education before and today?

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start with the cenntenial history of ana nursing "voices from the past, visions of the future" a summary of selected benchmarks in the history of the american nurses association.


american association for the history of nursing , inc

this is a listing of resources available for study of the history of nursing. it is not a comprehensive list; historical research involves considerable searching for source material. but this list includes regional centers which serve as nursing repositories, a selection of web sites with both nursing and general history content, as well as other nursing history organizations.


the center for the study of the history of nursing at university of pennsylvania school of nursing

the center for the study of the history of nursing was established in 1985 to encourage and facilitate historical scholarship on health care history and nursing in the united states. now in its thirteenth year of existence, the center continues to create and maintain a resource for such research; to improve the quality and scope of historical scholarship on nursing; and to disseminate new knowledge on nursing history through education, conferences, publications, and inter-disciplinary collaboration.

current projects at the center range from studies of international nursing and home-based nursing to research on care of the critically ill. we also continue to collect, process, and catalogue an outstanding collection of primary historical materials.

has some wonderful historical photo's available online. karen


men in american nursing history

from the introduction:

the purpose of these pages is to provide an overview of the history of men in nursing with an emphasis on men in the americas. the word "nurse" was not used until the thirteenth century. it originated from the latin term to nurture. translations of non-english works prior to the early 1900's typically used the term "nurse" when referring to male health care providers. more recent translations use the term "attendant," because it was thought that only females could be "nurses." these pages will use the term "nurse".


happy browsing at these sites!

Thanks for the history site. The one about the history of men in nursing was great. I wonder how many people actually know this information. I forwarded it to our department chair so that it can be incorporated into the freshman orientation!!

Thanks again!!:)

Thanks Karen! Really appreciate your kind links!

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