The funniest fart story l ever heard!


who could use a good laugh????who couldn't? years ago when l was going thru a real tough time, single evening l was feeling exceptionally low. l decided l might feel better lf l ate, so, got the 2 kiddies together and took them to a nearby resturaunt. there, l ran into a couple l went to church with and we were invited to join them. somehow, the conversation got around to.............the funniest fart story i ever heard(as told to l.rae by___)___ ....."l had this terrible head cold, thought about staying home from church, but l'd missed the morning service so l thought l'd go anyway and tuff it out. lt was one of those laid back casual services. l was sitting a few rows back, there wasn't very many people there, so pastor asked everyone to move forward and sit closer....l still stayed a few rows back, l sat behind _______with the high hair-do. well, things were very quiet, pastor had stepped off the pulpit and was speaking from the floor up front. my sinuses were torturing me, my eyes were watering and l felt this killer sneeze coming on. l had some kleenex in my back pant not wanting to sneeze into hi-hairdo, l quickly reached for my kleenex in my back pocket but it was too late, l attempted to repress my killer sneeze leaning forward to get at my backpocket l let this killer fart, l swear it rang the rafters! :imbar everything became perfectly silent....pastor's face froze for a few seconds......then a little lady who is hard of hearing and was sitting on the other side of the sanctuary, l guess she noticed the lengthy silence, chimed "hallaluia!" snickers rose up all over for about 5 seconds. then pastor just went right on preaching like nothin ever happened." but this is not the end of the story...... one of the kids had brought a neighbor kid with him to church that evening....neighbor kid's family didn't think very highly of church goin it seems.........well neighbor kid returns home runs in the house and proclaimes......."this church is sooooo cool! some guy farted real loud in church!" this whole family attends this church to this day.......this happened about 12 yrs ago. guess god does work in mysterious ways......:roll

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Speechless. (heehee) That was a good one!


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Man,...Too funny. Can't wait to tell that story to some of my friends. And yes,...GOD does work in mystrious ways. :D


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"hallaluia!" :roll

:rotfl: :rotfl:


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