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I remember my first day as a nurse like it was yesterday. That's probably because, in the grand scheme of things, it essentially was. I have been a nurse for a year at Walter Reed. I started outlast year on May 23, 2011 on the old Ward 71 at the Georgia Avenue site in DC. Specialties Oncology Article


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Your patients were truly blessed to have you caring for them. Everyone deserves to have compassion and comfort especially when fighting for their lives. Keep up the awesome work- :up:


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[color=#cc0099]thank you for that beautiful story, it brought tears to my eyes. i'm still a student and have a lot to learn. i was also told not to become too emotionally attached to your patients, but i never agreed with this. they have families. they're mothers, fathers, etc. how can we not grieve their loss? this definitely gave me a lot to think about and i appreciate you sharing your story. :heartbeat

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This is so beatiful, and I am so glad i came across your story. Thank you so much for sharing :heartbeat


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What a great and inspiring story! God bless you more. Thank you for sharing.

That was beautifully written. You have confirmed my reason for wanting to become an oncology nurse.

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