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well there's lots of stuff on here about starting programs and when I was getting ready to start last year @ this time, I found all of those strings very helpful. But I just wanted to get on here and say that there is always an end in site. Today I took my very last more classes!! I start my 7 week preceptorship tomorrow and then will officially graduate from an accelerated BSN program (yep...11 months!!)! It has definitely had it's moments where I thought I couldn't do it and I was stressed beyond my "means" but I have to say that at this precise moment, it was all totally and completely worth it. WHOOHOO...we're gonna be nurses when we grow up! That's awesome. In very few professions can you sit down and talk with your peers and know we've all been there @ some point. Each of us has had that moment of complete overwhelming fear (mine was trying to open that very first patient's door) and of utter fright that failure may be the end result. Anyhow..I'm feeling nostalgic. Just wanted to say thanks...many of you have been very helpful along the way and I plan on remembering that for the rest of my life so I will be one of those helpful nurses to the newbies.


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Congratulations!! Glad you made it. Good luck on your preceptorship!

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It's good to hear stuff like this from people - gives a guy like me some hope!! I have a long way to go, but I will grow up someday, too.....Um, I mean be a nurse!!! :chuckle

Best Wishes

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Thanks for sharing. Best wishes in all you do!

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Yeah, congratulations!

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