The Economic Value of Professional Nursing


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found from link @ american nurse today

safe staffing: evidence demonstrated daily

...a large-scale study report, “the economic value of professional nursing,” in the january 2009 issue of medical care, describes the value of one additional rn full-time equivalent on adverse events suffered by patients. commissioned by over 85 national nursing organizations, the report reviews findings from 28 studies analyzing the relationship between higher rn staffing and several patient outcomes: reduced hospital-based mortality, hospital-acquired pneumonia, unplanned extubation, failure to rescue, hospital-acquired bloodstream infections, and length of stay...

medical care:volume 47(1)january 2009 pp 97-104

the economic value of professional nursing

[original article]

dall, timothy m. ms*; chen, yaozhu j. mpa*; seifert, rita furst phd*; maddox, peggy j. phd†; hogan, paul f. ms*

from the *the lewin group, falls church, virginia; †college of health and human services, george mason university, fairfax, virginia.

supported by grants from the nursing's agenda for the future: the american nurses association and a coalition of nursing associations dedicated to addressing nursing workforce issues and their impact on the quality of patient care.

the authors are responsible for the study design, analysis, and interpretation of data and contents of this manuscript.

reprints: timothy m. dall, ms, the lewin group, 3130 fairview park drive, suite 800, falls church, va 22042. e-mail:


background: improved understanding of the economic value of registered nurse services can help inform staffing decisions and policies.

objectives: to quantify the economic value of professional nursing.

methods: we synthesize findings from the literature on the relationship between registered nurse staffing levels and nursing-sensitive patient outcomes in acute care hospitals. using hospital discharge data to estimate incidence and cost of these patient outcomes together with productivity measures, we estimate the economic implications of changes in registered nurse staffing levels.

subjects: medical and surgical patients in nonfederal acute care hospitals. data come from a literature review, and hospital discharge data from the 2005 nationwide inpatient sample.

measures: patient nosocomial complications, healthcare expenditures, and national productivity.

results: as nurse staffing levels increase, patient risk of nosocomial complications and hospital length of stay decrease, resulting in medical cost savings, improved national productivity, and lives saved.

conclusions: only a portion of the services that professional nurses provide can be quantified in pecuniary terms, but the partial estimates of economic value presented illustrate the economic value to society of improved quality of care achieved through higher staffing levels.;jsessionid=jctgfsqvnx1jtskb6x6d8b37t7tfg2tzxscm1qv47jhbj1bj5nj6!-269263472!181195628!8091!-1

full report can be viewed from aorn link:

the economic value of professional nursing


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Dear Karen, would you believe my New Years Resolution was to use that THANKS button at the bottom of the post more often. I read this and thought, "that was excellent". Left the thread and realized that once again I forgot to use the button. I am going to come back and read this several more times. Important studies like this have to be reread in order to absorb all the info.

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I am going to forward this study to the CEO of my organization.

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