The Dreaded Annual JCAHO Survey


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Does the dreaded annual JCAHO visit have you and everyone else scrambling for cover? Weeks and months before the visit, you bust your butt trying to prepare....making sure that everything is in total compliance. Are you ready for the visit?

TriciaJ, RN

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One year we were given a script in case the JCAHO investigators asked any of us about staffing. We were supposed to say that staffing was done according to our patient needs. In reality, we used a very tight staffing-by-number matrix, that did not take into account acuity or workload. I asked my charge nurse if we were being asked to lie and she said "Please lie". :banghead:


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I have never encountered jcaho in my 40 some years on nursing. Our facility is expecting them sometime soon. I recently began wondering if I am even required to speak to this pseudo -government blackmailing agency. It doesn't say anywhere in my job description that I must talk to them. I have such anger and hatred for this organization that I am afraid I would start asking them questions about their questionable practices. What would my entire hospital be judged on how I would possibly answer their questions? Sorry for the rant. Let the critics begin.

Carrie RN

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When in doubt, hide.


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I've been involved in JACHO inquisitions for 32 years and it never changes....we perfect things year after year and they still find the most insignant thing to focus on so they can site us.


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There were some years that I did just that!

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Haven't had to deal with those clip-board wielding folks for a long, long time. Thank God. Private duty allows me a lovely little circle of peace in that regard.

I remember the fever pitch of nerves everyone used to get knotted into when I was on staff. The whole fear-based tizzy was excruciating to watch.(This was back when they only came on the day shift and I was always working evenings back then.) It seemed like a cruel and punitive process and bad for morale. Perfectly GOOD nurses made to 'perform' for the 'officials'.......BAH! It's unnatural!