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Muser69 has 42 years experience and specializes in Critical care.

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  1. Muser69

    Calling the unit? Mistake?

    This happened to me for the 46 years I worked as an RN. One night I was almost standing in bed and trying to hang an iV bottle. My husband didn't know what I was doing. (Bad dream about work) Every night woorying about what I did and didn't do. Fast forward to my new greatest job in history, working at a cannabis store and making people pain free and happy. Now I wake up wondering if i gave correct change and put the patient labels on the products correctly. We all have worries, hopefully you can learn to keep them on perspective.
  2. I am proud to say after being an RN and working in critical care for 46 years that I have retired. I will now start my second career working as a wellness advisor in a cannabis dispensary First job I have EVER looked forward to going to !
  3. Muser69

    Charge Capture at Discharge

    We still have stickers that you place on a card. I haven't placed any stickers for more than 25 years
  4. Muser69


    Comedy bang bang WTF marc maron The nerdist Stuff to blow your mind
  5. Muser69

    Joint Commission is like critical in laws

    I don't think the contract I signed with my hospital states that I must speak to a group of people from a pseudo government blackmailing agency. I was hired to take care of patients. I have never in 46 years have encountered TJC, but if I do I will politely tell them to question my manager. Luckily I am old enough that I can just tell them no thanks, not interested. I will just hand in my ID and leave. Perfect way to end my career.
  6. Muser69

    muslim prayer

    Become an atheist. Much easier
  7. Robin Quivers, from the Howard Stern show is a rn Bsn graduate of univ of md. She tells a story when she worked in the trauma unit at U of MD in the late 1970's when a male patient felt terrible about his condition and felt he would never feel like a man again. Think he was a para. She said she got on the bed and straddled him so that he could get an erection. That was as far as it got but she certainly went above and beyond for him. Yikes! lucky she got out of nursing
  8. Muser69

    Gun Owning Nurses

    Husband was a cop and is a hunter so we must have guns in the house. I hate guns even though I was in the Army nurse corps where we had to qualify with pistols and m16s. I am not aware of any RN where i work that owns a gun. We are in a gloriously blue anti trumpy state though.
  9. Muser69

    prescription drug addiction

    Joint commission and the drug companies planned this addiction epidemic. Now they have a problem they cant stop. Some states are looking to use cannabis for pain meds. legal states have had a 25% reduction in opiate usage.
  10. Muser69

    drug testing

    Are you kidding me? please read about cannabis.
  11. Muser69

    drug testing

    I always wondered if the patient has to pay for these tests that are mandated because someone gets a bug up their behind. Always wondered if they have to pay for the MRSA tests that the hospital wants too. None of this seems right, especially now that cannabis is legal a lot of places and pregnant moms are using it
  12. Muser69

    Only Crusty Old Bats will remember..

    paraldehyde. i saw so many veterans die because of this stuff.
  13. Muser69

    I hate nursing

    44 years of being an RN. only did it because I didnt want to be a teacher. money was ok, never without a job, good hours for having kids. still hate it. Now I am happy that I am finally old enough to tell the hospital to go shove itself if I feel like it. I actually want to go out with a bang, hopefully with the entire security team trying to carry me out while I shout how awful this hospital really is.
  14. Muser69

    Union gave away random drug testing

    Testing randomly is criminal. No one should ever be tested without cause.
  15. Muser69

    Johns Hopkins Interview new grad

    Just remember when you work there the pay is awful. They expect you to be thrilled that you work under their prestigious name. Great place to start out though, good luck. You will do fine. Their turnover rate is high
  16. Muser69

    Red Ribbon Days - Oct 23-31, 2016

    I would rather a green ribbon to promote legalized medical cannabis nationally