The Delivery

For those of you who have worked long in labor and delivery and before the advent of the epidural, you may, perhaps, can relate to patients such as mine.


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are you kiddin???? if you want l and d just apply, most of the hospitals i have worked in lately are hiring GN's to l and d....i disagree with that practice, but it is what it is..

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This story tells me absolutely that I made the right decision not to do OB after graduation, but I did however deliver a few babies in the ED. I had a guy come in one day saying that his wife was in the car having a baby. He told me that all their babies came quick. He cannot remember where he parked his car. This was a huge hospital and there were multiple sites where a person could park. We started waking around the building and finally found his car. The wife was in the front seat, holding the baby between her legs. I felt so bad for her husband. He felt so bad. But the mother and baby were fine.