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The day in a life as an LPN


Hey everyone!

I am starting school soon to become an LPN in Canada - I am so excited! I just wanted some input from my fellow nurises on here...

I want to know what other ppl go through as a nurse and see what i have to look forward to good, bad, and ugly. Please describe a typical work day for you as an lpn. Feel free to add special experiences too. Please also include what setting you work in i.e. hospital, ltc, etc..Thanks in advance :)

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loriangel14, RN

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Day shift. I get report, pass my meds,help with personal cares plus do assessments, answer bells,change dressings, talk to doctors,families, dietary, laundry, pharmacy, PT and OT, feed people, toilet people, do admissions and discharges, and chart. Plus tons more.You use skills like starting IVs and inserting catheters and hanging IV meds and blood products.

You will also attend meetings and inservices . Problem solving is a big part of your day. Night shift you deal with less people but it's still hard work.


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LPN is very different in Canada from the US. So I've requested your thread be moved to the Canadian forum.

We have plenty of discussions on LPN nursing in Canada.

I'm an LPN homecare supervisor for a contracted agency. I love my job. No day is ever the same and I work with some terrific people. I do a lot of teaching which is my favorite part of my job.

Silverdragon102, BSN

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