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The best family!


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After 12 years of nursing I think I have encountered the best family, ever!! A couple weeks ago we admitted a lady for a short term rehab stay. The morning after her admission a huge box of fresh donuts was delivered to the nurses station!! They were from her family who happens to own a local bakery!! A couple days later another box of fresh donuts!! They were from the patient's grandson ( his parents own the bakery which he'll be taking over soon)!! Th grandson continued to deliver fresh donuts every couple of days! You can imagine how sad we all were when the patient was discharged last Tuesday, not only was she just a super nice lady, we were all enjoying the donuts!!

Today we had two admissions scheduled, one at 0930 and the other for 1300. At 1000, who walks in the door? The grandson, carrying a box with a gigantic donut (it was huge, the equavilant to about 36 regular sized donuts! Our 1300 admission was his other grandma!!! He said he liked treating the nurses so that in turn we'll treat his grandma extra special! Awe!!!! When our newest admission finally came her daughter met her at the facility. She proceeded to ask just about every CNA and nurse if they were available because her son (the donut giver) was single! Not only will we have a fun and friendly patient and family with us for the next few weeks we'll be enjoying fresh donuts every couple days again!!!

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Doughnuts are great! We have a local doughnut shop that sends the unsold doughnuts to us at the end of the day. Sometimes we get a couple dozen amazing, different flavors. The owners daughter use to be a CNA with us, even though she no longer works at our place they still send us doughnuts. Wonderful people!


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When I was in LTC years ago, we had a resident on her first night there that gave me a black eye! Her family was great! They brought complete meals once a week for us. She was with us for several years so we got very spoiled. Lucky me, I still see this family often, count them as dear friends and the youngest son will treat me to lunch in the summer when we are both at the golf course. And yes he still picks at me for his mother blacking my eye! LOL!!