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Yes it does look good

Oooh! I can't wait.

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I'm already tearing up at the preview!!!

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This is based on the book The American Nurse , published in 2012.

This extraordinary book of 75 portraits, interviews, and biographies is the result of the American Nurse Project, an endeavor launched by Fresenius Kabi, a worldwide leader in infusion therapy, IV generic drugs, and clinical nutrition. Enlisting the talents of Carolyn Jones, an award-winning filmmaker and creator of numerous photography books, and her producer, Lisa Frank, the project set out to capture and share the images and stories of nurses from all across America and to celebrate the role of the nurse in this country’s health care system.

I received this wonderful book as a Christmas gift. It is full of inspiring photos and stories of nurses from all over the country.

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Going to see this movie tonight!!! SO excited. .

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