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I work in an elementary school and some of the teachers are the biggest lice phobes out there. There is nothing I can do to explain the lack of risk to them. One teacher works in the pre-school disabled class and I have never seen such severe OCD in anyone before who works with kids. She told me that her husband told her not to bring any of those bugs home with her - like i have something to do with that. :eek: They CONSTANTLY send kids down for checks. They resend kids that have had lice (and treated( for checks. I can't make them understand that once a kid has been infested, getting rid of every nit is almost impossible. They stick to the hair for a long time. This one teacher gets so annoyed that I don't force these kids to retreat every 2 weeks. I've tried everything. "The nits I am seeing are non-viable." "They aren't going to hatch." "They are inactive." But she looks and freaks out if she sees a white spot.

We have one kid who comes with a full time nurse (the child has a trach). I don't know what to do for this kid if she has a problem because she is never supposed to be without a nurse. But apparently her nurse took a break and the teacher brought her to me. My first question was where her nurse was but the teacher blew that off over the lice concern (you know - breathing is secondary to bugs). I found a few nits but explained that she doesn't need to treat. After 10 minutes of defending my recommendation, the teacher admitted that her mom treated her 2 weeks ago. Grrrr.... The following week, the actual nurse brought the child to me. Same ******* recommendation. I cannot believe i had to have the SAME EXACT conversation with a fellow nurse (I had actually checked this nurse for nits 2 weeks prior since she spends a lot of time with the child).

For about 3 weeks, I got about 15 notes a week from teachers that simply read, "ITCHY HEAD!!!!"

Some days I just want to bang my head.

Oh, and then some parent tweeted to the school, "I hear there is a lice problem! Why aren't parents being told about it?"

Because I found 2 cases among 500 kids. That's not a "lice problem." (We send out letters if there are 2 or more kids in 1 class with lice)


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This is not about lice but first thing in the morning today, a teacher sent a kiddo who came in stating "I thought I saw a bug crawling on my leg and I couldn't get it off and now I think it's in my shoe." Using my incredible wealth of nursing knowledge and intuition gained only after years of practice, I instructed the student to take off her shoe and look. No bug to be found.

:banghead: The difference in what they say to their teachers and what they say to the nurse can be pretty drastic so I'm going to chalk this one up to that. But really?!?! Helicopter parents are raising a generation of kids who can't/don't want to do things for themselves ... it's scary.