Thanksgiving Humor

My first Thanksgiving away from my family was spent working a 16-hour shift at the nursing home. For days before Thanksgiving, I ranted and raved about how my family better save me some good food, especially pumpkin pie. This nurse loves some good food. Nurses General Nursing Article


Thanksgiving Humor

I look forward to the holiday season all year long.

The day came and I went to work a little less than enthusiastically. I didn't want to be there, but I realized that my patients needed me regardless.

The cafeteria personnel had informed us that they would be serving us Thanksgiving dinner when they served the residents their lunch. My husband offered to bring me a plate, but I explained to him that I didn't want him to have to leave his family to bring it. He didn't listen, and he brought a plate for me and the other nurse working that day.

We were very happy to have the home cooked meals and politely refused the cafeteria lunch.

We snuck our covered dishes to the break room and put it on top of the fridge where no one could find it, not taking the time to even peek inside, and quickly returned to our med passes.

Around an hour later all of the residents were fed, medicated, and laid down if they wanted to be. We made our way to the break room to enjoy our Thanksgiving dinner.

My stomach was growling and felt like it was actually starting to digest itself.

I was starving.

I reached up on the top of the fridge to grab my long awaited holiday meal. My mouth watering at the thought of the wondrous Thanksgiving feast that awaited me. I could almost taste the Turkey and dressing.

I couldn't feel a thing up there.

I pulled up a chair and peeked over the edge, nothing.

It was gone.

We looked in the fridge, in the microwave, in the trash, even asked other staff members.

No one had seen it.

We began to search patient rooms and see if one of them were enjoying it. It was nowhere to be found. We did find two residents, a husband, and wife eating ham, sweet potatoes, deviled eggs, pecan pie.

They asked what we were doing. We explained that our Thanksgiving dinner had come up missing, and we were looking for it. The husband replied, "We had this delivered, but our trays are there if you want them."

Again, we politely declined and continued our search without luck. I looked at my fellow nurse and said, "Who eats ham for Thanksgiving?" She shook her head, "not me. We gotta find those plates. I'm starved."

We looked for quite a while, but finally, we did give up looking.

Our stomachs were growling as we returned to work. Soon my husband called, "Honey, how was your dinner?"

I didn't have the heart to tell him that it had been stolen, so with my stomach protesting loudly, I lied, "Wonderful. The pumpkin pie was great, the turkey was moist, the dressing wonderful. I am really looking forward to eating some more when I get home."

There was a long pause on the other end of the phone and then my husband replied, "Mom burnt the pumpkin pie and we had ham this year."

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Too funny, thanks for sharing!