Thanks to the Internet, the Past is Always Present


I just read this article about this sweet 95 year old gentleman whose introduction to the internet gave him much joy in the last years of life. Frank Kozacka, a retired junior high principal was admitted to hospice in 2009. He was very discouraged about being in a nursing home confined to a wheelchair.

But the Internet brought pizzazz back into his life.

His grandson, Dave, introduced him to the world of online surfing. He was immediately "hooked" when he realized he could view photos of some of his first automobiles as well as view videos of the Andrew Sisters singing "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy" and other famous entertainers for days gone by.

When Dave created a Fans of Frank Kozacka Face book page for his grandfather, Frank was "launched like a celebrity into cyberspace, ending up with hundreds of Facebook fans." Dave bought Frank a laptop for his 95th birthday. He was able to enjoy a surprise birthday party on Skype as students from the Cooperative school sang happy birthday to him and lit candles on a cake for the former principal.

Though his body continued to fail, his spirit soared those last months of his life.

What a great idea!!

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Brian, ASN, RN

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Great Article! Thanks for sharing. I bought my elderly mother-in-law a laptop several years ago when she was living alone in her apt. I got her hooked up with email, facebook, gave her some very basic instructions on how she could see photo of all her family on facebook etc... She loved it!

She has since passed, but she really cherished the laptop and being able to connect with loved ones. She also was hooked on playing solitare :) It really helped her stay connected and follow the kids and grandkids activity.

For all the LTC nurses, how many nursing home residents have their own internet access devices? Does your facility offer them for use?

CapeCodMermaid, RN

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We have one computer for everyone's use. Residents are free to bring in their own computersarrow-10x10.png since we have Wi-Fi throughout the building.

Some residents have Facebook accountsarrow-10x10.png so they can connect with their grandchildren across the country.

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I think that is great! I do not currently work in LTC, but the last one I worked in did not have a single computer that residents could use. They did not have wifi, and residents had little in terms of "entertainment". I hope that more LTC facilities recognize how great this resource can be and encourage their residents to use it. Typically little instruction is needed to get someone started.