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I have to be one of the most fortunate new grads. I have been blessed to start on a unit full of caring, compassionate, and willing nurses and staff who have helped me learn so much in only three weeks! Scanning through posts on AN, a new grad can become intimidated by what they may experience on the floor. I'm so glad to have those fears wiped away!

Thank you to all you veteran nurses out there who dedicate your time (and I know it's a lot of it!) to help the new generation grow into seasoned professionals. We couldn't make it without you!!

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What a wonderful post!

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Nice to hear! Just make sure you let them know too! They'll appreciate your acknowledgement.

I consider myself a very luck new grad too! My unit was so welcoming, friendly, and helpful! I know that they always have my back and I've never been afraid to ask questions or for help. Its awesome! :D

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Me three!!! I am beyond BLESSED!!! I'm on an awesome unit with super friendly, helpful, experienced nurses and a bunch of new grads to bounce ideas off of =)

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I'm glad there are others out there who have had the same experience as me. I read too many negative posts here sometimes! I think I should stay away from those and focus on the positive. :)

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Exactly!!! Even after a rough night, I still feel lucky because I know a lot of new grads in not-so-desirable situations. Keep it positive!

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