Thank You and Peaceful Holidays, All of You, and

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may those of you who have experienced losses recently in your lives, I wish you comfort also.

Thank you all for being here. You have given me much information and a lot of encouragement in the short time I've been on the board.

You LPNs/LVNs, nursing students, and RNs -- you are all great people and a real credit to nursing. I am proud and grateful to 'know' you.

May you and your families and loved ones have the best holidays, however you celebrate them....



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Happy holidays to you too Bella.

It is a comforting to Know that there is so much help out there when you need it.

I too am proud and grateful to "know" you all as well.

Bella you hit the nail on the head with this post.:saint:

you are angels without wings

thank you


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Compliments of the Season to All, especially those who are on duty over the festive period. may next year bring you everything you wish for.


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May God grant you and yours every possible blessing and grace this Christmas and thru the year! Joyeaux Noel


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And warm wishes to all for the holiday season

and the new year.

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I hope your holidays are wonderful and you will be surrounded by your family and friends.


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