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I recently interviewed for a new grad CVICU position. The interview went well and the nurse manager said she liked me and thought I would be a good fit for the unit. *yay*

I tried sending a 'thank you' email to the email printed on her business card, but it appears to be invalid. I've scoured the Internet and hospital's website trying to find her email, but I've had no luck.

Would it be okay to call her and thank her personally tomorrow while she is in her office, or is it best that I send a note via snail mail?


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I would give them a call in order to thank them and also to get their correct email address. Let them know that you have been trying to email, but the email address on their business card isn't working.

I read on some career website that prospective employers actually like to receive a call from interviewees for f/u. Good luck on your job hunt!