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Please I need ideas about what to write in a thank you card for an interview that I had last week. Thanks, I will appreciate. I haven't heard from them yet. Should I call HR or just send the thank you card? Thanks again.

Specializes in ICU. should have filled out the Thank You card immediately after the interview, and mailed it the same day.....NOT a week later. Send the card, expressing your interest/excitement in the position, and also thanking the interviewers for taking the time to meet with you.

Personally, I always send a thank you card when I have an interview, pretty much as soon as I am done with interviewing (I figure it will take a few days to get through the mail). Send the thank you card (independent of your asking about the job). Call a few days after that.

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I would just send the thank you card. I sent the ty card to the DON who did my interview. I pretty much said "Dear Ms. ______, I really appreciate you taking the time to meet with me and discuss my possible employment at your agency. I am really excited about the prospect of working here and believe that I would be a great asset to the company." I went on to point out in a nice way WHY I would be a good asset to the company and said, "I look forward to hearing from you." I got the job ;). Good luck!

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Sure, the thank you card probably shoudl have gone out ASAP, but just go ahead and write a brief and sincere note such as 1uvakindmom suggested. It may be late, but it still shows good manners.

Thanks for all your responses.

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