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Ok, I need some help. My elem. principal is wanting me to talk to the 5th grade classes on personal hygiene. Do any of you have any advice or suggestions. Have any of you ever done anything like this?

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This is part of the 5th grade growth and development unit. They have one session with same sex students only--this is where I do "the talk" about menstruation with the girls and a guidance counselor teaches the boys about boy development. So hygiene is touched on in that session. The boys specifically get the message about NOT creating a cloud of AXE around themselves. I talk to the girls about hygiene during menstruation, but also about skin care, etc.

I have thought about bringing in a (sealed) clear rubbermaid box full of dirty socks and threatening the whole class to open it to make the point about changing clothes daily.

I'm all about using a bit of humor to get the point across. Have fun with your presentation.

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Check out the website for Always...they have a great puberty education program...I guess it's through Proctor and Gamble? Anyways, I used it last year and it was great. You just estimate the number of students you have and they send you everything you need. They will send you a DVD that has a video just for girls, just for boys, or co-ed on the same DVD. Each girl gets a baggie with samples and coupons and information in it. The only thing I didn't like about it was that the boys only got little pamphlets. Our PhysEd coach bought each boy a small sample size deodorant to go with it. Go ahead and sign up on the website and I think they start shipping the material out sometime after January.

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lol at cloud of axe!! so darned true!

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