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Textbooks for First Year Nursing Students

togu togu (New) New

Hi all, I am starting nursing school this fall and was wondering if renting some of the textbooks, rather than purchasing, is a smart move. I do realize that I will have to keep some textbooks for future reference and those are the ones I should purchase, or not...

I appreciate the help :)



You can certainly rent some of them. I rented my Mental Health and OB/Peds textbooks because we only used them for 1 semester. Plus, I have no interest in going into either field, so I most likely won't be using either for future reference.

Jules A, MSN

Specializes in Family Nurse Practitioner.

I also bought most used from Amazon etc. and then resold them because we didn't reuse too many and in a few years in medicine older books are virtually obsolete.

Before deciding to rent check to see which books that you need to get your first year are used throughout multiple semesters. My program front loads the program with the text books and all of the required texts for first semester are used throughout the program.

Definitely check out Amazon, I was able to get all of my required texts from there at a fraction of the price I would pay at the bookstore. Some times you can find new texts under the used book prices. Stores like the Wisdom shop sell new books at a reduced price clearing out inventory. They will have a disclaimer that the book may have a bend or scratch on the cover. So far everything I have bought from them has come in excellent condition with the access codes to the publishers site.

someone i knew rented textbooks but when it came close to returning them, they just paid the difference to keep them. It was convenient at the time rather than buying the book up front at full price. i don't know specifics, so it may or may not have been worth it.

Thank you everyone, great points to consider! Does anyone think that electronic version (on tablets) of text will be more convenient to use rather than regular books?

Une Infirmiere, BSN, RN

Specializes in NICU. Has 5 years experience.

Yes...buy the textbooks you will keep throughout the program and rent the rest. it's way cheaper. I think MedSurg is a keeper but also think about after you graduate..(I still use my pharm book as réf) if you like to work in L&D, Peds or Psych keep that one too).

As of eBooks, I'm not a big fan. The library rat that I am will rather smell the pages😉

I'm selling some first year nursing textbooks for a cheaper price thaan what your school may offer. email me if youre interested. jennrubin1992@gmail.com - the fundamentals book, the anatomy and physiology book and lab book, the nutrition book.. and so on


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