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Can anyone tell me about the NP program at Texas Woman's University, especially the Houston campus? I have applied for spring 2015 start, but would love some insight regarding reputation of school. They don't conduct interviews which I thought was weird. And, the person I spoke with says there is not a limited amount of space available. US News and World Report ranked TWU as 61st in the nation for nursing school, but I'm not sure how that may reflect the np program. I'm ready to start but wasn't sure if waiting and applying at UT @ Houston would be better since they conduct interviews and they only accept a specific number of applicants. Thanks!!!


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Some of the top nursing NP programs do not conduct interviews.


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Greetings Nolagrace,

First: I am biased. I attended TWU's Houston campus for my bachelors in nursing. Originally, I was planning on branching out to UT for my master's but after I left TWU began offering an Acute Care tract. Knowing the faculty, I decided to continue with TWU for my NP education.

TWU has a reputation in the medical center for being one of the top schools, on par with UT Houston. Anybody who argues one is better than the other really is just expressing personal preference. I have worked with UT graduates and they are equally well prepared upon graduation from their BSN program.

Second: Just because they do not have an official hard limit on the number of applicants they accept does not mean that there is no limit. I applied with one of my RN colleagues and I got in while she did not, so clearly there is a selection criteria even if they do not advertise it.

I am currently finishing the last of my core curriculum (assessment and role) and will begin my clinical courses next semester. So far, I feel as well prepared as I can be. If you have any other questions I'll be happy to help where I can.