Texas Wesleyan GRE

Nursing Students SRNA


Specializes in trauma ICU,TNCC, NRP, PALS, ACLS.

Does TWU place alot of emphasis on a person GRE scores?

Specializes in critcal care, CRNA.

Friend of mine had a 970 and got in, but he was also around a 4.0 student.

Specializes in Transplant/Surgical ICU.

A friend of mine just got results today (850), she called TWU and they told her to still go ahead and apply, no need to retake. They list 900 to be the minimum on their website, but they say if you don't meet that requirement, you must meet two of the GPA requirements. Very confusing... Mine is late next month, taking a chance because official results might not be available until after deadline...

What's your score? Do you mind stating? Hopefully they look at the whole package

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