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Texas Tech BSN wannabe


Brand new to this board and hoping for some advice on the traditional BSN program at Texas Tech I'm applying to Texas Tech for Fall, 2011 traditional BSN and don't know anything about the program except the information on the school's website. It would be wonderful to hear an honest assessment from someone in (or who has graduated from) the program. I guess this is probably the biggest decision I've had to make in my life and, in some ways, I feel clueless about how to assess the pros and cons of the program. I would appreciate (beyond words!) anyone who has attended the traditional BSN program offering their opinions about the school, the community, the clinicals, the faculty, the lifestyle or anything you might think would help a 20 year old wannabe BSN/RN to make a better decision. Thank you and, when it's my turn, I promise I'll "Pass It Forward".

i also want to do that program but i cant apply til 2012

let me know how everything goes for you :)

Make that 3 of us working towards getting into Tech's BSN program. Looking for advice/pointers also.

I also applied to TTU BSN for fall entry. waiting to hear from them. Wish you all the best.

Does anybody hear anything about when acceptances/rejection are mailed?

Hey guys, I'm new to this and I also applied for Tech's traditional BSN for the fall 2011! I was told that the latest date we would be told is around the 20th of May....


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I went through Tech's traditional BSN program, graduated in 2005, and loved it. If you're not from Lubbock or West Texas, be prepared for a little different scenery. It's flat, but that's because it's all farm and ranch land. My family is all from West Texas so I appreciate the scenery a little more than most. You can see forever. Lubbock is the central source for healthcare for a large area of West Texas. It's not uncommon for patients to travel over 100 miles to come to the doctor in Lubbock. One of the advantages of Tech's nursing school is having the medical school, pharmacy school, and allied health school all in the same building, on the same campus. The 2 hospital systems are University Medical Center (UMC) and Covenant. All your clinicals are done within these 2 systems. Also, I don't know if this is still offered but, one of the perks of being a nursing student was the ability to be seen at the Family Practice clinic for free. It's on the first floor of the HSC and very convenient.


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Hello everyone. I also applied for the Fall 11 semester as well. Looking to see if anyone got any updates from them. Good luck everyone who applied.

Hey everyone!

I am the class representative for the 2012 TTUSON Traditional BSN class and I actually just had the April meeting with the Dean today. She said that acceptances/declines should be being sent out for the Fall 2011 class within the next few weeks! Good Luck to all!

Also, to elaborate more on the community: I feel as if Lubbock is a great college town. Personally (being from DFW), I would not like to live in Lubbock after I graduate because I sometimes feel as if I am on an island, but like I said, it is a great college town and the whole community supports the school so I find that really amazing.

We currently mainly do clinical rotations at the University Medical Center (UMC) and Covenant hospitals. I have also done clinicals at Lubbock Heart Hospital, Sunrise Canyon Psychiatric Hospital, Trustpoint Hospital, and various nursing homes in the area. (Other Psychiatric hospitals are also used for Mental Health clinicals, but I can not think of the names at this moment)

I also applied for the fall 2011 BSN program. I had read somewhere that we should have heard the status of our application in March so I checked my Merlin TTU almost everyday. When the whole month of March was over I emailed the director and she said we should know mid-late April. So again, I have checked it like every 3 hours. I'm so nervous, I'm not sure how much longer I can wait and not go completely crazy. Best of luck to everyone else who applied!

As of yesterday no one has received anything yet. Your application status will be sent out via email (so if you regularly check your email you will find out first that way). I do know that declines will be sent out about a week before acceptances/waitlisters.

Last year, some people found out they were accepted a week before I found out (they send emails out in waves). So nothing to worry about this moment- emails might not be sent out till the first week in May.

I don't think I can make it until May. I do believe I am on the verge of a heart attack!! Lol. Anyway, does anyone happen to know how many people are accepted per semester and how many applied? That would be interesting to know.

Hello! This is my first post here on this board. I like it a lot; there is so much information! Anyways, I also applied for the Fall 2011 BSN program. I kind of turned my application in last-minute, so I'm not sure they even got it. It seemed like NursingCAS took forever after the application deadline to get my stuff together! I hope I get in; I really want to get started on my nursing career! I'm also applying to the 2nd degree program at Tech. That application is due May 25th. I have everything I need for that, but I'm taking a while trying to put together my resume. I hate writing resumes so much, especially when everything I have done so far has nothing to do with nursing! I really just wish they will hurry up and accept me into the traditional program so I can quit writing the resume and have peace of mind. I still have one unfinished prerequisite for the traditional program (Intro to Nursing as a Profession), so my chances probably aren't that good. There was also that last-minute thing. I wish everyone the best, and I hope to see some of ya'll in August!

Around 400-500 applied and around 200ish will be accepted. 120 to Lubbock, 40 in El Paso, 20-25 in Abeline and 15-20 in Odessa. Good Luck!

Around 400-500 applied and around 200ish will be accepted. 120 to Lubbock, 40 in El Paso, 20-25 in Abeline and 15-20 in Odessa. Good Luck!

Wow! That's a lot! I'll feel pretty special if I get in, but I'm not betting on it. Why does it have to be so hard? :eek:

I haven't taken the intro to nursing either, but I do believe you can still take it once you have been accepted. I'm not sure but I hope so!! Good luck to you :) I hope we BOTH get accepted. I will be devastated if I don't.


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I was wondering.. What happens if you haven't taken pathophysiology or intro to nursing courses? For some apparent reason, they don't offer it during the summer only during the fall and spring. They will make accommodation to students who haven't taken it. But does that affect my chance of getting in?