Which University is BEST??

  1. What a dilemma, and we're coming down to decision time. Currently, my family and I are living in Centerville, TX. I have 1/2 of my pre-req's complete and looking to transfer in the spring (SFA will let you finish pre-req's in the summer as long as your science/math are done, are there any others?) I would transfer to Bilnn if going to A&M..UTH is I can get in with partial completion on the pre-req's...
    Some background info: I am 27, have a 6 and 3 yo, and married. Right now, I am commuting to TVCC in Palestine. It's an hour drive.
    I am going to apply to SFA, Tex A&M College Station, UTH, and maybe UT Tyler - Palestine. I hope to be completing my education at a Master's level.
    My question is, which school would you guys recommend? We are willing to move near my school, but we don't want to move AGAIN. My GPA will probably be 3.75 at the end of this summer.
    Any helpful suggestions or advice would be awesome!
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  3. by   HouTx
    Because nursing school acceptance is so competitive, I would advise you to simply 'wait and see' and be prepared to move closer to the school in which you are accepted. If you are lucky enough to be accepted at more than one, you can make a decision at that time.
  4. by   sbyramRN
    The BEST school is the one you can get accepted to and graduate from.
  5. by   aelaine42
    You are both right. I figure I'll widen my scope and apply to UTH. We'll see what happens. Thanks!