Which math class would be best for RN program

  1. I am a pre-nursing student at Austin Community College. I am HORRIBLE at math. However I have to take a college level math class next semester. Choosing which math class is like choosing which tooth I want to be pulled out so I am hoping someone with more experience can help me out and tell me which is the best math class to take for the nursing program (best, as in, most relevant and not terribly difficult)
    Thanks for your suggestions.
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  3. by   Purkinje
    I took 1333 (College Mathematics) last fall. For a math class, it's not very math-y.

    You'll need to be comfortable with basic math to take the HESI and to do dosage calculations in Pharmacology. If you have a lot of difficulty, you might consider taking a remedial skills class. It won't count for the degree plan but it might make you more comfortable and confident as you go forward.
  4. by   Thangbom321
    It really depends on how far you want to go educational/degree wise. You can take a math 310 class that is a remedial calls, and you can get a 2 year degree in nursing. If you wan to go further, you would need to take a statistics class.
  5. by   gg14
    I remember college algebra not being too bad and I took it online so I basically had to teach myself and i did fairly well. But what everyone has said is right, you might want to take a remedial class or if you wanna go ahead and take college math class, get some tutoring if you really don't understand - Im sure there are many that would like to help. Also, the NET exam is basic math so it would be good to refresh your memory with basic math skills you've learned throughout your schooling.
  6. by   outrunningzombies
    Go to school and take a placement exam. It will tell you what you should be taking, and then compare that to what is required for your school.
  7. by   caliotter3
    Take your school placement exam, which is usually required anyway. Then, there is no reason why you can't start at a level below where you test to get your feet wet and back into it. Just as long as you get to the course that your nursing program requires. One program near me used to require beginning algebra. Now they have added intermediate algebra to graduate from nursing school. Your nursing school will make it clear what the minimum math requirement is. Good luck.