What Graduate Nurse/Internship Programs are available now? - page 2

I am a RN with a BSN looking for a job, in Houston or San Antonio. I graduated in December 2011, got a job in April 2012 quite in July 2012, because I quickly realized this was not the specialty for... Read More

  1. by   NevadaFighter
    soontobetexan...will you be relocating there? I'm graduating in May and I'm thinking about applying there.
  2. by   kdan
    I found the greatest job ever, one that I have been trying to do since I was in nursing school. Which is the VA, I am very thankful!!!!
  3. by   kdan
    @Eturner7 & @Soontobetexan. Thank you, I found a job at the VA!!!
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  4. by   BruinAGNP
    Hi all. I'm one of the desperate new grad trying to find a job. However did come across fort Duncan, how is the nursing new grad program here? And how bad is the location? Is it really bad as it make out to be? I'm from CA so I believe there will be culture shock but I can sacrifice to certain extent. Help!
  5. by   nashcookie
    @ kdan congrats on your new job. Pls can you email me your resume at nashcookie55@yahoo.com so i can have a look. So far theres no more residency programs available. I alos graduated december 2011 and its so hard to get an interview.