What about Valley Baptist Medical Center in Brownsville and Harlingen

  1. <P>Any feedback on these 2&nbsp;hospitals? I might consider applying for a nursing job in these hospitals but I want to know the working condition first. Please help me.</P>
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    The working conditions in the Rio Grande Valley are generally rough, with large patient loads, language barriers if you do not speak Spanish, and the high risk of healthcare workers being slapped with lawsuits. The major benefits of working in this area revolve around the high pay rates and massive sign-on bonuses.
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    Inspection to require changes for VBMC

    A federal agency that accredits hospitals has recommended improvements at Valley Baptist Medical Center-Harlingen and Brownsville as a result of a recent inspection, an agency spokesman said Wednesday.

    The Joint Commission made an unannounced visit to the two hospitals on Oct. 31. As a result of surveyors' findings, the agency is likely to require some changes at the hospitals, Joint Commission spokesman Ken Powers said.

    The surveyors "found evidence of (the need for) improvement," Powers said....

    ...In October, a group of current and former Valley Baptist nurses staged a demonstration near Valley Baptist-Harlingen, saying that nurse-to-patient ratios at both hospitals are too high and that patient safety is suffering as a result.

    Hospital officials have said that the staffing plans are based on the number of patients in a unit and the severity of the patients' conditions.

    The surveyors gave no specific reason for their unannounced visit, but said they had heard concerns about the hospitals and found no evidence during the survey to support those concerns, Retana said. ...