Weatherford college fall 2013 adn

  1. Just out of boredom, anyone else apply for weatherford this fall? I'm considering the Wise county campus since I live very near to it.


    Bachelors of applied sciences

    3.3 overall GPA
    3.7 in pre reqs
    83.3% adjusted on teas 93% national
    28 points total.
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  3. by   shixson
    I also applied for the Wise county campus, I was accepted for the spring main campus but did not want night/weekend classes. I have 29 points so you will probably be okay too!! Plus I am really hoping to get in at TCC as its closer and cheaper for me. Many people do this so even if you don;t initially get accepted they wait till May and many may turn it down to go else where.
  4. by   formack
    I am a 4th semester RN student at Weatherford campus. The new wise campus has a very nice simulation lab.
  5. by   britthohenbrink
    I applied to both the Wise County and Weatherford locations and have 26 points.... When I talked to Karen Long she said that some 26s are on the alternates list and others got in. Sounds like yall will get in.
  6. by   britthohenbrink
    ....oh and they are going to try and mail out letters tomorrow
  7. by   britthohenbrink
    Do you have any tips to being successful in the program?
  8. by   drewmckee
    Does anyone know if we will get an email or just regular snail mail?
  9. by   Collegekidslandscape
    Got my acceptance letter today.
  10. by   shixson
    Got my acceptance letter yesterday!!!
  11. by   formack
    Tips for Success: hmmm. From day 1, get organized and stay that way. Get a calendar, use tabs, color code, whatever you want to do. This is crucial in my opinion! There are some assignments that are given at beginning of semesters and you know what dates they are due. Do them asap, don't wait. You never know when things will be busy. Learn that you house, laundry, husband/wife, kids, social life etc. will have to take a little bit of a back burner. Yes, your family is super important but you are doing this to benefit them. Also, find people you connect with asap. You will need someone who knows exactly how you feel and what you are going through. If you have any questions feel free to contact me. I had a million before I started!
  12. by   formack
    Congrats to those who are accepted!!

    FYI: If anyone gets on the alternate list, do not give up!! You still need to go to orientation, if you don't you cannot get in. There were a few people who didn't show up to mine and several who got accepted elsewhere and gave up their spots. I think there were 4-5 people who found out they were getting in during orientation.
  13. by   suprababy
    I was accepted for Fall 2013 and I am super excited. Not really sure what to expect but very excited. I scored decently on the TEAS and made all A's in my pre and co requisites. I live in North Richland Hills, so it will be quite the haul but well worth it in the end. I hope to go to UTA for my BSN afterwards.
  14. by   drewmckee
    I also got in and I'll be living in Boyd