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HI! I am applying for the traditional BSN program at UTMB that starts Fall 2012. I am taking my TEAS this friday and I wanted to know if anyone else here is applying for the same semester. ... Read More

  1. by   readyforutmb
    hi everyone!! i havent checked for replies since i started this thread so im excited to see the replies!! I am done with my application for UTMB. I still have "courses in progress" on my mystar but i called enrollment services and she said it is fine not worry. MDC_2011 i was emailed my mystar login info a few days after i submitted my application i believe so i would call them if u still have not got that email. Only 6 days till the app closes! i am so excited cant wait to hopefully hear from them my GPA is 4.0 and I made a 88 on the TEAS. I have been a CNA for two yrs now so I hope i am qualified in their eyes. Well i guess we just have to wait now.....
  2. by   readyforutmb
    Oh and Good luck to everyone!!!!
  3. by   Hemphia
    Well.... It is official. I submitted my application with my personal statement. I sure hope they like it. I poured my heart into my statement. According to Microsoft Word the document was 697 words. When I had copied and pasted into the section for the statement it like the last sentence off of my statement, so I uploaded it to the application. Any what other supporting documents are supposed to be uploaded? I have no way to upload unofficial transcripts, but they should have everything on hand. Gosh I am so nervous..... My fingers are crossed. I wish each of you good luck. I guess my next step is calling Kelsey and having my Titers run. Unfortunately my mother did not hang onto any of my immunization records. But I guess she figured she wouldn't need them anymore. Especially since it been so long since I needed them myself.... like 10 years. Ugh.... This is gonna be expensive. Might as well get my meningitis shot done while I am there. I am also going to register for the CPR class needed to get into the school. I don't want to spend my summer break trying to get everything done at the last minute. All I want to worry about if I get in is getting to the location to run background checks and drug testing. Does anybody know how long it takes once the application is submitted until you get your Mystar log on information?
  4. by   namtx07
    Hi all!
    I ran into this site awhile back and have only read since then. This is my first post! Anywho, I just turned my application in last night (which I feel is super late). I too am wondering how long it will take to get Mystar info. And if we don't get it before Friday, can we call enrollment services and ask which documents they have received? Really nervous and anxious! Good luck to everyone!
  5. by   Mdc_2011
    I applied last Thursday and received my mystar login email yesterday! So you should get in within a few days!
  6. by   bluescript
    Mystar login information should come within several days. However, it takes about 2-4 weeks for them to process their incoming mail. Im in the same situation where I will not know if they have received everything of mine until after the deadline. They did tell me they stamp date everything that comes in the mail. So they will know if it gets there before the deadline or not, it just wont show up on your mystar account until they process it.
  7. by   namtx07
    I just sent in my application yesterday and got my mystar info today. If you sent your transcripts and teas score electronically, they should have it. So I would call and check. I sent my test scores and transcripts last Thursday and mystar says that my application is complete.
  8. by   monicalea
    Hi, this is my first time posting. I submitted my application pretty early. I've been keeping in touch with UTMB just to make sure they received all my items.

    My stats are:
    TEAS 82
    GPA 3.2
    Prereq: 3.5
  9. by   can'twaitfornursing
    Hi everyone! I have also applied to UTMB for the fall semester. Good luck to all!!
  10. by   readyforutmb
  11. by   Hemphia
    Well today I got my logon information for Mystar, I submitted my application yesterday...... Yay!! I logged onto my account and it says that my application is complete!! Another Yay!! On another note I am dealing with the fact that I don't have an immunization record. I got 4 shots yesterday... ouch Had to get MMR (1 of 2 shots), Varicella, Meningitis, and Hep B (1 of 3). Im having my TB test done in 2 wks. And then 2 wks after that I must get another MMR and another Hep B. Ugh...... Oh well
  12. by   ktdidit

    You are not alone in getting tons of immunizations! We moved a lot when I was a child and my parents lost my shot records. I had to get titers done to prove where I had immunity and then took all the shots that I needed. The worst one for me was the DTAP ... ouch! So glad that I'm done with that part!
  13. by   Hemphia
    I was gonna do titers, but my insurance doesn't know how much they cover, since there is nothing in my coverage. The lady said that she could not find anything and that they probably didn't cover it 100% if at all. The only way she would know is if she has each of the billing codes. And EACH titer cost $89 per test..... Well my insurance covers 100% of immunizations. No need for a copay and nothing out of pocket. Which would you do? I chose the route of cheapest