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UTMB Fall 2010 Application period starts tomorrow Nov. 15, 2009 Who here is applying for it? Btw, there is the ATI TEAS entrance exam for FALL 2010. Anyone taken it yet? I can't seem to find... Read More

  1. by   mjbayuda
    How's the TEAS test?
    What do we need to really focus on?
    Can we use calculator?
    Any tips?

  2. by   Veganmom
    I took the TEAS on Tuesday. The reading has 42 questions; you read a short paragraph and then answer questions. Some of the questions deal with following directions: put an x on the square with an odd number in it, rotate the figure 90 degrees, color the square at the top, rotate 180 degrees, which of the following figures is correct. Math has 30 questions; most are fractions, addition, subtraction, ratios and some algebra. The science section covers human body science, life science, Earth and physical science and scientific reasoning; I used the Kaplan guide to study for the science part. English covers grammar, spelling, definitions, punctuation, and spelling. I used the ATI manual and online test to study along with some of the practice guides online. You are not able to use a calculator.

    How bad was the science part of the TEAS? I took my NET 2 months ago for and got an 89 composite, but then I found out I need to take the TEAS for UTMB. The Chem part scares me a little... :/
    I did the opposite. I took the TEAS first and will take the NET on Jan 6. The science part was much easier than I expected, but it does cover a wide range of material. I remember the chemistry part dealing with acids and bases, gases, solids, liquids, and atomic numbers.
  3. by   skygyrl
    Hi! I just signed up for this forum but have read ALL of spring 2010 and learned so many interesting things. As for the references in the application, I believe we need to list 3 but do not need them to send letters of recommendation. That is for other programs. I took the teas about a month ago and thought it was much easier than the net test. I received a 90% composite score and 86% for UTMB. I'm applying to UT-houston and UTMB. UTMB is my first choice because I keep hearing so many good things about them!
  4. by   natatat
    Does anyone know what UTMB is actually looking for? I just took the test Jan. 2 and the score sheet reads:

    Adjusted Individual Score: 78%
    Mean-National: 62%
    Mean-Program: 64.2%
    Percentile Rank-National: 91
    Percentile Rank-Program: 88

    The test didn't SEEM hard compared to the NET and HESI A-2, but I think because it didn't have a lot of questions, that affects your score more (can't get away with as many wrong with so few questions).

    But the Mean Scores confused me. I thought my score was bad but compared to the Mean scores it looks okay. What are they basing that off of? Is that really what people have been scoring? And what is UTMB even looking for? Are they looking at our overall score or at each section's score individually?

    Two of my friends took the test the same day and both made just under the Mean scores (they didn't do as well as I did when we took the NET and HESI either, though). But another girl who we don't know was talking to us after the test and she didn't tell us her score but she seemed confused too and she was asking us, "So what's considered good?" and "Do you know what UTMB wants?" I just felt so lost.
    And to think, a few months ago I was looking forward to UTMB being the ONE school I was applying to that didn't require some crazy admissions test and now they became just like every other program.

    Also -- I didn't use the ATI Study Guide. I bought the HESI Study Guide months ago and was already studying it religiously for that test so I figured it might help with the TEAS. It didn't, the TEAS seemed to be a completely different format. I wish I had bought the ATI Study Guide!
  5. by   skygyrl
    I agree. The Teas test seemed way easier than the NET. I made just about the same scores as you and feel the most important thing is the percentile rank for the program. You are in the top 88% of people that are applying to UTMB. As for a certain score, I've been told UTMB isn't looking for that. My sister, who is also applying to UTMB, told me she had called them about that and that it appeared that our scores might be used for the semester following us, as to set a standard or something. All and all, I think you're safe with 88% because they usually let in the top 10-15% and half those people get accepted and attend elsewhere.

    Besides the teas score they look at 3 GPA's; science GPA (Ap's, micro, chem, science elective, nutrition), prereq GPA and your overall GPA. They combine all 3 of these GPA's and that is the number they focus on. I was just told for the 2009 class a 3.2 GPA was average. So that's not bad at all.
    Good luck to you!!
  6. by   natatat
    Really? So they kind of do it like UTHSC? Cuz I know on UTLINK for UT Houston they have 3 different GPAs listed. I got kind of sad because my prereq GPA is really good and my Science is near perfect (stupid B in Chem, but the rest are As), but my OVERALL GPA from my current school is pretty low. =( But if they average it all together for UTMB it should still come out to 3.something.
    I know some people don't feel comfortable sharing their scores I can totally accept that but I think sharing them helps the rest of us better understand how the test actually works and how UTMB might be using it in the admissions process. I mean, I'd like to know if a lot of people got high 90s and I don't stand a chance or if a lot of people got around the same score, you know?

    Does anyone know how to check our application status for UTMB? For UT Houston we have UTLINK, for TWU we have Pioneer Portal, what does UTMB have?
  7. by   skygyrl
    Yes, it is the same as UTHSC with the GPA's. I email each school alot to know specific details. I guess I'm a tad obsessed. : ) I just really hate waiting and wondering. I don't know if my GPA's are high enough to get into UTHSC but I'm banking on UTMB. I live in between both of them and would prefer UTMB. For UTMB my science GPA is 3.66, Prereq is 3.7 and overall is 3.0. I'm taking my last class this semester, which is statistics.

    I sent my application into UTMB around Dec. 20th and still haven't received anything in the mail from them. I'm told they will send a username which allows access to your application status. Has anyone gotten a username yet? I'm eagerly waiting for mine to see if I am still needing anything to be sent in.

    If anyone doesn't mind posting there GPA's, just get an idea of what is out there, that would be very helpful.
  8. by   LindsayPaige
    UTMB does take awhile to respond with their confirmation letters. Patience is the key when dealing with UTMB.

    I just got done taking the TEAS and my scores are well above the average. Thank goodness. I didn't do very good on the NET but exceptional on the HESI A2, go figure.

    Good luck to all!
  9. by   natatat
    Is UTMB everyone's first choice or what is your first choice?

    I'd love to go to UTMB but I actually live in Northwest Houston so it would take me an hour and a half to get there (not including traffic) so it's not my first choice but hey if I get in I'll make it work!

    Okay I'm assuming UTMB's GPAs are the same as UT Houston. I don't have the username and password for UTMB yet (just did the TEAS on Jan 2nd, just mailed the verification letter a few days ago even though I did the application in December), but on my UTLINK for UT Houston my GPAs are:

    Prereq: 3.72
    Science: 3.75
    Undergrad: 2.66
    My TEAS I got a 78%

    Like I said, my overall GPA is low, which is another reason UTMB isn't really my first choice. I think I'd have a better chance at TWU, where they only use the prereqs to determine your GPA..

    Does anyone know the average GPAs that were accepted in the past? Like what was the around the lowest?
    And also has anyone really grilled UTMB about how they're using the TEAS to consider us for admissions?
  10. by   skygyrl
    Well you have a combined score of 3.38 so you should be fine for UTMB. I didn't know that about TWU. I couldn't apply there because I'm missing statistics. If you get accepted to UTMB the spring 2010 class forum said there were dorms/efficiency apartments available for $300 bucks a month with all bills paid. They said it's walking distance to the campus and that it's very safe. They are doing the bacc2 program and only have to go to school 3 days, one of those days being a half day. They also said people that live on the island do there clinicals in galveston and all other do it in the medical center.
  11. by   skygyrl
    *But I actually just asked a student from the traditional BSN program at UTMB and she says classes are 5 days a week.
  12. by   natatat
    Yes TWU my GPA is 3.7, so it looks better but I think because they use the overall GPA a lot of people will have around 3.3-3.6 instead of all the 3.8-4.2 GPAs that TWU sees (also, the ppl already attending TWU in Denton get a .4 bump on their GPA, so it makes it harder for transfer students to get into the program).

    Anyway, I didn't know that about the dorms that's amazing! If I got accepted I'd definitely be looking into that, and if they didn't have space I'll be searching for a roomie for an apartment. Like I said, I'll make it work somehow! =)

    A friend of mine graduated from UTMB last year and I remember she had classes a few times a week and clinicals once a week (but I remember her saying that when she first started she would have clinicals twice a week for half the time as the once/week). I don't know if it just depends on what term you're in, like maybe it'll change up a little each semester, or if it's just changed since she left.
  13. by   Kelly2010
    I'm so glad some more people have joined in!

    My overall GPA is a 3.59 and my prereq GPA isn't far from that, but my science GPA is a 3.75. UTMB is definitely my first choice, but I applied to three other schools as back ups. It is kind of a relief to hear that UTMB had a 3.2 GPA average for the 2009 class. When I went to the information session back in March, they said that they usually started to except people around the 3.3 range and upwards.