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Anyone else apply to UTMB? Just wondering if anyone else it out there waiting in agony?... Read More

  1. by   tokkii girl
    Quote from R2D2rnUT
    Is there anyone still waiting for their admission letter from UTMB?
    did you ever receive a letter from utmb? (not that i'm still waiting for it, i've given up!)
  2. by   moncj66
    ur not the only one! I received nothing also. But it really shows you what kind of school they are, even if I was accepted I still would have to decline because two weeks is NOT enough time to get prepared to attend school in a different city. There process makes no sense to me.
  3. by   tokkii girl
    it's good to know i'm not alone out there. i spoke with someone who works for their staff anonymously online, and he/she said that they lose applications often, and they are disorganized. if their own staff doesn't believe in the program, who will? you are right, 2 weeks is not enough time to make a decision. it is like making the decision to change your whole life's path!
  4. by   Dramaangel621
    Even though my application was not lost i also had trouble with my papers getting there. What you really have to do is call them up and ask them if they have it or go up there yourself and have them bring it up to prove to you that they have it. I mailed my acceptance into the program a week before it was due and even got a mail tracker on it..and still a week later it had not shown that they had it. So i had to print out copies of the forms i already filled out and go up there and make them give me a reciet that they recieved them. I dont know where the 2 weeks thing comes into play..i got my letter at the end of May. And i guess people dropped out at the last minute because a few people were admitted a day before orientation...but the nursing school is great, its just the administration that not so good.
  5. by   DMDTX
    I agree with Dramaangel. I was accepted a day after orientation. Originally, I had not recieved an acceptance/rejection letter so I called the admission's office. The staff may not be 100% organized, but they are friendly and open to phone calls. After calling them, 2 weeks later I got accepted. I think being persistent and personally coming to the school helps put a face next to your application. I strongly suggest new applicants to attend our information sessions that occur on a monthly basis.

    It's an honor to be part of the professional atmosphere of UTMB. I woudn't want to be anywhere else!
  6. by   BrittRN2b
    Has anyone applying for the bacc2 program heard from UTMB? I called a few days ago and heard from an admissions advisor that applications are being reviewed and that letters should be sent out in a few weeks.

    I think I remember them mentioning in the information session that the bacc2 students would know whether they are admitted by December, which means interview letters should have already been sent out.

    So, anyone heard anything?
  7. by   AdrianLU
    I am waiting also for the Summer 08 bacc-2 and it's killing me! I too have recently called and I was told "applications are being reviewed". I have also recieved 3 emails saying, "your application is complete but, an admissions decision has not been made". I am freaking out! I applied Mid-September so this has been a long stressful wait. I had to have my Mom and Sister talk me down over the phone. It's good to hear that someone else hasnt heard anything, gives me a glimmer of hope.
  8. by   glorified_intern_07
    Woo-HOO! I got an interview from UTMB Bacc2! She called yesterday. Does anyone know how these interviews usually go? And how many people get accepted per term?
  9. by   MerLMT
    Have you had your interview yet? If so, how did it go? I have one next Wednesday!!
  10. by   glorified_intern_07
    I am not interviewing until the 18th of December. Let me know how it goes! Good Luck!!!
  11. by   CrispyRN
    I got in for Spring online RN-BSN! Anyone else?:spin:
  12. by   SaLady
    how did everyone's interview go???
  13. by   MerLMT
    I think it went pretty well. They tell you that the interview will last approximately 30 minutes, but mine was considerably shorter! I don't know whether that is good or bad. Anyway, they said they will be accepting 40 out of the 70 they are interviewing. They also said that they were going to try to let everyone know before the holidays. That is in one week!! So, keep your fingers crossed...