UTHSCSA spring 2010 hopefuls! - page 13

Okay so im applying to uthscsa for the spring and was wondering if anyone knows what gpa they look at and any other helpful ideas to get an interview etc. my prereq gpa is 3.74 but my overall gpa is... Read More

  1. by   MaoKhan
    ah got class til 5:30, will check this evening!
  2. by   FutureRN76
    I'm here at home staring at the mailbox, but the mailman doesn't usually show up until around 4. Tick-tock, tick-tock... then I told my wife I'd wait to open it until she gets home from work, so when I do get it it's going to be staring at me until around 5:30. Gotta stay calm, gotta stay calm...
  3. by   Caramel_gyrl254
    Well, my mail man came today around 1:30 and I got the letter.
    Unfortunately, I didn't make it into the school, but they said they put me on an alternate list. Just in case someone drops.
    If at 1st you don't succeed, try, try again I say.
  4. by   FutureRN76
    Damn Caramel, sorry to hear that, but don't give up hope. There's still a chance.
  5. by   FutureRN76
    Just checked my mail, the letter was there. Now it's staring right at me, taunting me... I have to wait until my wife gets home, but my hands are shaking a lot, having trouble typing. Well I've waited this long, what's another hour...
  6. by   CyclicalEvents
    Omg, why is everyone getting rejected??? >.<

    My parents said they didn't get anything in the mail >>>>>>>>.<<<<<<<< 24 more hours of anxiety for me
  7. by   calinative84
    I know!!!! we need some serious postive news here! Sorry Carmel for the sad news but keep hope that it will still work out. Cyclical ...I am sorry you have to wait so long. Furture i am so amazed you are not ripping it open
  8. by   starlight99
    Just got home from work and no mail I think this is because I am in Houston, so hopefully it will come tomorrow!! Best of luck to everyone still waiting! And to those of you who received rejection letters, don't give up!!
  9. by   CyclicalEvents
    My lab partner just got hers...she got selected as an alternate =///
    She's so much smarter than me >.< Who are these people that are getting in?
  10. by   lindsey_vera
    Hi my name is Lindsey and I got in to the spring 2010 semester! I am very excited and look foward to meeting you all!
  11. by   FutureRN76
    Alright everyone, drum roll please... Accepted!!! Yes!!! I did it! Woohoo! Damn, that was rough waiting... but worth it. Hope to hear more good news from you all and hope to meet some of you prior to orientation so I know someone beforehand... Good luck to all!
  12. by   starlight99
    Yay! Congrats Future7N76 and Lindsey!
  13. by   MaoKhan
    nice congrats, also did not recieve a letter yet, I am also based in Houston