UTHSCSA Accelerated Program

  1. Hey everyone!

    I'm getting nervous as I'm about to sit for my TEAS exam. I PROBABLY should have taken it sooner, but here we are.

    Application deadline is December 15th, but does anyone know how long it takes for them to send acceptance/ decline letter?
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  3. by   normalynn12
    Just replied to another post of yours. I am not sure. I hope more people who are applying for the accelerated program comment on here. It will kinda help with my anxiety to hear from others. Have you submitted the NursingCAS?
  4. by   jgapinski
    No. I'm really trying to get the three questions answered to my liking. Are you also applying for the accelerated program?

    I think we'll know by mid to late January. Are you considering applying for the fall 18' traditional program just in case?
  5. by   normalynn12
    No, I'm only applying for the accelerated program. If I don't get in, I'm shooting for SAC since I will more than likely have to pay out of pocket. Yea those questions were kinda hard to answer with only using a total of 600 characters, but I submitted everything. Just waiting for nursingcas to verify my transcripts. I just really hope I get in since it's my first choice.
  6. by   jgapinski
    I'm starting to consider SAC as well if I don't get in for the same reason. Yeah it was hard to limit it to 600 characters!

    Would you mind if I asked what your undergraduate degree was in?