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  1. by   sol0305
    Does any one know what class is considered elective? Can I take Contemporary Math or College Algebra as elective class?
  2. by   carlajeanx3
    I am pretty sure college algebra does count towards an elective. I think anything that isn't a pre requisite to another class will count! I am taking college algebra next semester for one of my electives.
  3. by   sol0305
    Hey carlajeanx3 Im glad to hear that because Im taking college algebra next semester too! So you think contemp math woulnt be counted as elective? What is the other class you take for elective if you dont mind i ask?
  4. by   carlajeanx3
    I am also taking Speech 1315 (public speaking) for my last elective because its the last class that I also need to get my associates in biology. I am not really sure about the contemp math, but you could always call up there and ask! My sister called about the college algebra and the person she spoke to said as long as it was not a prerequisite to another class it would count.
  5. by   Randi09
    Hello everyone! My name is Randi I am also applying for UTHSC. Im graduating from SHSU in may with a BS in psychology and Im taking nutrition and intro sociology next semester for the last of my pre reqs.
  6. by   gwin2015
    Hello everybody, I have applied for both for the summer and fall, 2013 semester. I have been checking my My UTH. Although I submitted transcripts and HESI A2 score before the application deadline (1 Dec, 2012 for the summer), the status of my application is still incomplete. My to do list still asks for both transcripts and HESI A2 score. Anyone in the same situation? Has anybody's application status show the green circle button (completed)?
  7. by   Randi09
    If you are still in the process of taking classes I know it will continue to say that you need to turn your transcripts in. That's how mine is now and I have called and asked them about it. You should call them anyways though.
  8. by   carlajeanx3
    Actually, I have a green circle and I am still taking classes but I am sure that is only by mistake. I think whoever updates your records might do it differently? I think they maybe switched to a new system not too long ago or something like that. My sister still has incompletes on everything even though she has sent everything in.
  9. by   sol0305
    Excuse me but can someone tell me what's that My UTH thing?
  10. by   gwin2015
    Thanks Randi09! Yes, I am taking my prerequisite classes this semester and I will also be taking classes in the spring. They might be expecting the final grade at the end of the semester.
  11. by   gwin2015
    Sol0308, My UTH is where you can check your application status, see your to do list and track submitted documents as an applicant and enroll for a class once accepted. You must have received your user id and password few days after you submitted your application for admission. You can find it at: https://my.uth.tmc.edu/psp/myuth/MYU..._EP_NVT_SIGNON
  12. by   HoneyBug0112
    Do you think its too late to apply? I would still have to submit all my transcripts. I'm considering it, I just don't want to leave myself 2 weeks of studying time HESI but at the same time, I don't want to wait to start in Spring. This will be my last attempt. I was being a perfectionist and ran out of time on the HESI the first time. They only allow one retake.
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  13. by   sol0305
    My HESI exam is next week. I heard we don't have to take all the sections of the exam (like physics, chemistry, etc.) but how do we choose which section to take? Like do I have to tell the proctor which section I need to take or I just skipped those sections that aren't required? Thank you