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Is anyone out there applying at UTA for the spring? I was wondering, if we are asked to interview, what month would that be? and does anyone know when they send out their final decision? Also,... Read More

  1. by   ayeisha
    no i wasnt able to make it. i was trying to find out what it was like. and im taking patho and pharm now. i also have patho at 1 on wed and pharm on thursday at 1. im so curious to see how the first test is going to be
  2. by   ms.hopeful2013
    I know what you mean goopsy, the smart hospital at UTA is the biggest and the only one in Tx! I was also in the heart group but I switched to the stars bc my friends had stars lol

    Ayeisha I know, I hope the test aren't to difficult! Our first test is in 2 weeks for patho!
  3. by   UTABSNGRAD
    Hey Future Nurses,
    I am a grad. of UTA's school of Nursing 2009.
    I took all of my sciences at TCC, except for one. (Which was my choice)
    When I applied we had a writing sample so that is good you do not.
    The Hesi starting your Jr.1 semester is important, throughout your two years
    you should learn how to answer these types of questions, at the end of your Sr.2
    semester you will have the final Hesi. UTA is awesome in preparing you for this task.
    The faculty are so caring! I know some schools during your SR. 2 semester if you
    do not pass the Hesi on your second try you are kicked out of their program.
    UTA is not like that, they are there for you to succeed!
    It is an awesome place, your classmates also become an extended family.
    It was a truly moving experience, I am so glad to have had that amazing experience.
    Good luck!
  4. by   ms.hopeful2013
    Thank you UTABSNGRAD!!! Congratulations on graduating I cant wait to be in your position one day!!!!
  5. by   ayeisha

    so your saying that you have to take the hesi test more than once, besides for entrance into the nursing program? i didnt know that
  6. by   goopsy
    there is the final HESI you have to take in order to get your RN licensure to work in the state of TX aka the exit examination.

    THANKS UTABSNGRAD!!! It's wonderful to hear things like that from past grads!
  7. by   ayeisha
    to all that applied for spring 2010 and for future applicant, not sure if yal have heard but there will no longer be an interview process, this is including the spring 2010 applicants. I have justin gerstenberg as one of my teachers for concepts and he just informed the class today that the faculty decided to no longer do interviews and just go straight to giving out letter of acceptance.
  8. by   ms.hopeful2013
    OMG are you serious ayeisha!!! What else did he say? and when should we find out!
  9. by   ms.hopeful2013
    sorry...I was so excited. When should letters be sent out?
  10. by   ayeisha
    justin says he just found out yesterday from the faculty that they were doing this, so none of the students really know yet. im not sure if emails are going to be sent out with info on this or not. he said the reason why is the faculty had been debating for a while whether to keep the interview process but they came to the conclusion that it the interviews really didnt make a difference whether you got accepted or not and there was no point in having them anymore. I asked him since there is no interview will letters of acceptance be sent out sooner and he said yes they should be sent out by the end of september and early october.
  11. by   ms.hopeful2013
    Oh wow...thanks ayeisha I just read Noni Stephens email on web ct about it too. Man I'm scared. A girl I talked to in my pharm my class said that Mrs. Priddy said that they will be sending out letters this week. But I have no idea. Are they going to be considering the Hesi? I remember Justin saying that there is no min score. So I guess they are just going by are grades!
  12. by   ayeisha
    well since the week is basically over with i dont think they will be sending anything out this week. justin said there were something like 500 that applied for the spring semester and they were in the process now of narrowing it down to 300 and arrange from highest gpa, etc to lowest and then they will basically divide the 300 up into 3 sections: the top 100 which would automatically get accpeted, the next 100 which would be considered for potential waitlist and then the last 100 which would get letters saying they didnt get accepted. im not sure how much the Hesi weights in consideration but i think with the interviewing gone they might look at it more .
  13. by   goopsy
    thanks for sharing ayeisha!! I was supposed to be in your class, but I dropped at the last minute because I saw the syllabus, and it looked like something I could do from home in the online course. Thanks for sharing so much!! I really can't believe that! Just last week, we did the sophomore success program, and they did mock interviews yesterday, today, and tomorrow, but I guess it was for nothing! I really am shocked! and yeah, misspink, I guess its by grades with/without the HESI. misspink, I didn't get an email; which address did you get the email at?