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Is anyone out there applying at UTA for the spring? I was wondering, if we are asked to interview, what month would that be? and does anyone know when they send out their final decision? Also,... Read More

  1. by   ms.hopeful2013
    OMG Goopsy I didnt even know you posted about the letters being mailed out today! I posted the same time you did so I guess I didnt see it until now! thank you soooo much for calling I hope I get something tomorrow too!!!
  2. by   goopsy
    I hope so too misspink!
  3. by   ayeisha
    still nothing
  4. by   goopsy
    Quote from ayeisha
    still nothing
    Still nothing in the mail or still nothing as in the post man hasn't come yet?
  5. by   ayeisha
    still nothing as in nothing came in the mail today
  6. by   goopsy
    hmmm...I was hoping it was the other. Man...
  7. by   ms.hopeful2013
    OMG guys I got my letter!!!! Im accepted!!!!!!! yay! tell me when yall get one!
  8. by   ms.hopeful2013
    oh and the postmark date on the letter was the 28th!!
  9. by   goopsy
    OMG!!!!!!!!!!! I GOT ONE TOO! I'M ACCEPTED! I started crying in the street because I couldn't wait to open it!
    Congrats misspink!!! Ayeisha, maybe check the mail later today? My post man didn't have the letter in the box yet, and I asked him to double check his stack and sure enough he missed it! Mine is also post marked the 28th!
  10. by   ms.hopeful2013
    Really, lol you had to have him recheck it! ITs a good thing you did! I am soooo happy for you.
  11. by   ayeisha
    Congrats Goopsy and misspink86!!! im so happy for you both!! I dont know what happen with the letter for me..I would have went out there to wait for the mailman but it was puroing down raining!
  12. by   goopsy
    Thank you! I hope it comes tomorrow! I'm sure it will!
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  13. by   ms.hopeful2013
    Ayeisha thank you I know you got in we basically have the same GPA lol Tell us when you get your acceptance letter!!!