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Hey all, Just wanted to hear who else on the board is applying for Fall 2007. I've sent everything in and just took the NET test last Saturday. Now the waiting game begins! -Paige... Read More

  1. by   dm22
    I did my interview last week. I thought they were really nice, and it was totally a relaxing environment.

    Does anybody know the attrition rate at UT houston? as in how many start versus how many finish the program?

    I heard UT houston is a great school. But you can't ever really tell until you go there I guess.
  2. by   Rocky#3B
    I am not sure what the attrition rate is at UT but I know that after the 1st semester we lost 13 people either through failing out, deciding nursing is not for them, or reducing their hours. I am sure that we will lose more judging by how things are going this semester.

    UT is a great school but it does leave a little to be desired. Don't get me wrong I love coming here and every program (TWU and PV included) has its faults. UT seems like they are open to change. I really hope that they take the feedback that the seniors that are about to graduate has given them along with us juniors so that things will be a little bit better for you guys.

    Here's a tip for all of you waiting for your acceptance letters: I found out that I was accepted 2 weeks before I received my acceptance letter by checking my application status on UTLINK. My status had changed from "pending" to "you have been granted provisional admission" (I had 2 more pre-reqs to take and pass). Hopefully the same will be for you too. Good Luck to all of you guys and keep us posted!!
  3. by   a nurse to be
    do you know how long after the interview date should we hear news on our application status of being accepted or not?
  4. by   Ben Franklin
    I was told that we would be notified by April 1.
  5. by   Ben Franklin
    I was notified today that I was accepted for the accelerated program!
  6. by   Rocky#3B
    Congratulations!!!!! Way to go
  7. by   loompahtx
  8. by   Ben Franklin
    Thanks loom!
  9. by   Ben Franklin
    Thanks Rocky!
  10. by   JWRN
    I graduated from UT Houtson HSC in 1993. I enjoyed it, the Medical Center is an excellent place for clinical experiences. Back then there was no interview process or anything. Just applied and got accepted, although it took 2 tries and the second time around I applied to almost every nursing school in TX. The first time I only applied to 4 of the UT schools and didn't get accepted.

    Anyhow, enjoy your time at UT. I'm sure it has changed since I graduated. I had a blast in Houston. Thought I would live there after school, but traffic and too many people...Course, now I work in Dallas...

    Congratulations to everyone...
  11. by   UT_Bacc2_07
    Hey Ben franklin,
    Congratulations on making it into the accelerated program! We are just finishing up our year and I cannot wait to pass the torch to you 40 newbies...Prepare to be VERY FLEXIBLE because you will have a hard time in the program if you are not flexible. See you next month at the informational! You will know its me cuz I will be the 6 foot girl who talks really fast and is soo excited about becoming a trauma nurse...and my name is pretty unique too...
  12. by   SuperPaige
    Does anyone know if they've made a decision? I'm so over waiting!
  13. by   eez28
    So I just checked UTLink and it says:

    You have been granted provisional admission.