Universal Health Services School of Vocational Training in Dallas?

  1. Hi everyone I'm planning to get into LVN nursing school in the Dallas/Ft Worth area. So I've been looking up schools that are approved by the TBN. So far I've researched Concorde, Dallas Nursing Institute, Platt, and I found Universal Health Services school of Vocational Training. I really like the program in this last school, but I'd like to know if anyone has heard of it, or has gone there. Any info will help! Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   futurearmynurse25
    Is the Universal Health Services School of Vocational Training approved & accreditated by the Texas Board of Nursing?
  4. by   AnnM22
    Yes, actually I found it in the list of approved schools in the TBN website. Also, I called to the school to get information, and they confirmed me that they had recently been fully approved by the TBN. Of all, I would say it's the best choice because the price is only $18,500, the program is 12 mths, and they have evening classes, which would be better for me!
  5. by   walkingirl0701
    AnnnM22 have you found out anymore information about this school, I, too, am interested in this particular program for the exact reasons you are. I called and spoke with a person, but she was not very personable-gave me the price and hours of classes. I do know that they do not accept any financial aid as of yet and so I'm wondering where in the world does one find 18.5k-in trees? Because I was depending on FASA for assistance. Thanks,
  6. by   AnnM22
    Hi abrittswife The person whom I spoked with told me the same thing about the financial aid. But she told me that one can get a loan outside of the school, for example the Sallie Mae loans. I think it would be a matter of researching with who would it be better to get the loan with. If you also find anything else, please let me know. Thanks!
  7. by   walkingirl0701
    hi annm22, i don't have any new information, but i did get a response from the school via email, like i said, nothing that we didn't already know about, but i'm going to post it in the email for others who maybe interested.

    see copy of email below:

    at universal health services school of vocational education we have 2 courses, cna and lvn program.

    our next lvn class starts september 8th, 2009 it is 11 months long with three levels. we are accredited by twc (texas workforce commission) and bne (texas board of nursing).

    our classes meet tue - thurs, 6pm-10:30pm, sat. and sun. clinicals - which begin first week of class. we can have up to 20 students in our class. there is an entrance exam called the teas test by ati in which we administer the test here on campus, the study workbook is $50.00 and the test is $40. this test covers english, grammar, math, science it is a timed test on the computer. if you have any college credit the school would need official transcripts to be review before being exempt from the teas test.

    our tuition is $18,500.00, at this time we do not offer financial aide loan or pell grants, however, va, scholarships, bank loans or other sponsors are acceptable. our payment plan is broken down into 3 which are paid before each level: level 1- $6500.00, level 2 - $6000.00, level 3 - $6000.00.

    if you have any other additional questions please call or make an appointment to come see our campus.

    thank you for your inquiry.
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  8. by   oceanmama
    I know this is an older post, but did any of you figure out a payment option with this school? This is an absolutely beautiful program as far as class times and clinicals and only 20 min from my house (compared to 45 min to Concorde and 1hr to El Centro one way). But how in the world do they expect us to pay almost 20k without offering student loans or a more flexible payment option? Any chance of getting an outside Sallie mae loan without a co-signer? What a pickle
  9. by   lisacollins_01
    I have had 2 friends graduate from that program...Universal Health Services...they both liked it, both passed NCLEX on first attempt and now are LVN's.
  10. by   tex42cares
    universal health services school rocks!!!!!

    i can tell you this school is worth the $$$ if you are able to finance it.

    i am doing my cna with them right now,
    the program is very intense and fast paced.

    (immho)only the strong,critical thinkers,motivated and committed will survive any good nursing program.

    the staff and teachers are awesome and the owner is very meticulous in his education curriculum.
    they all have loads of experience from various recognized facilities.

    they(uhs) love teaching and it shows.:redpinkhe
    i would encourage everyone to read the impressive pdf report that the bon has to say about the school. (all you have to do is type the name in g o g g l e)

    i love this group!!! and would feel very safe if they were taking care of me in a critical situation
    or if they were my own team mates.

    they are now looking at ways to expand their programs... even in a few years a possible bridge lvn to rn.

    i love these guys!!!!heartbeat
  11. by   chilis
    Can anyone give me advise on how to study for the wonderlic exam you need to take for the that school?? They gave me this web page preptestreview but I dont like it....
  12. by   dodger80
    For those of you that went through this program can you suggest means of funding or tell us how you did it....?I just took the Wonderlic Test and passed it only to find out that my credit union wont offer me a loan to finance this...something about debt/income ratio and needing a cosigner.What other options are available to me as far as financing? How did you finance it? Thanks in advance.
  13. by   juswannabenurse
    Hi dodger80 Did you ever get any information about financing for this program? If so could you please share it with me?