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Just wondering if anyone else is applying for the Fall 2013 semester at Texas State in Round Rock, and/or has any detailed info as far as their selection process goes? I don't see many threads on Tx... Read More

  1. by   iheartnrsng
    I'm really close to Tx State too- living in Pflugerville. I got my email to initiate the background check last week, and have my appointment set for next Thursday! They have usually sent out acceptance/denial notices the first week of March, but I noticed in the email I received last week that it said we would be notified at the END of March....noooo bueno! This waiting game is killer!!
  2. by   LauraBuc
    Hello future nurses! I also applied to TX state. However, I have not received an email to activate my background check. Bummer! Keeping the faith! Hopefully we will receive notices the first week of March and not toward the end. I check my email everyday. lol.
    Good luck all!
  3. by   pixielady
    I got mine last month and did the background check on Monday. Yeah, the email bummed me out as well. Maybe that is the latest date they will be making the decision. I am hoping, like everyone else, that they send me a message earlier. I have three close friends who applied as well and we are all making each other crazy.
  4. by   Jamyemoore
    I applied too but haven't got an email to do a background check..hopefully that doens't mean what I think it does :/
  5. by   iheartnrsng
    Well I just got the email the week before last, and pixielady said she got hers last month so they may be just sending the emails out a bit at a time. I would think as long as your application is complete, and you met the min gpa, you should see something soon...I would also suggest checking your junk email too just in case you don't have the school of nursing saved as a contact, maybe it would go straight to junk mail. Hope you hear something soon!
  6. by   pixielady
    Yeah, my best friend got hers a couple weeks after me. They were both sent on Tuesdays. Two of my other friends got theirs the same time as my best friend as well, also on a Tuesday. We have been trying to figure out how they did the send order, since she and I both have better than 3.9 GPA. I think the only difference was that my transcript was super clean with nothing to double check, and she had to drop Anatomy the first time. Those repeats do count against you, although its only slightly.
  7. by   Sarah-Aggie2013
    I have a 3.65 GPA from Texas A&M...all the prereqs completed..and really good TEAS scores and still have not gotten an email for the Background check. Kind of disappointing. I called today but was only able to leave a voicemail.
  8. by   iheartnrsng
    Yeah...@ Sarah I personally don't think it has anything to do with GPA and don't think they sent out emails in order based on our stats. From what was stated in the email, they were sent to all those that met the minimum qualifications and a completed app/packet. Maybe there was something missing from your application? I know I checked mine like 1000x before I took it in lol...so I'm sure you did too. The only other thing I could suggest is maybe emailing the lady with admissions and retention. I have her name and email, but can't post it one here due to TOS. I think I'm like one post short of being able to PM it to you. Let me know if you want me to send you her info.
  9. by   TxDelta
    I applied for Texas State for Fall of '13 too and am just waiting to hear back. I received my email clearing me for the background check in about mid February but haven't heard anything since. I applied for TAMU's accelerated program last fall and didn't get in :/ and am a little nervous because I did wayyyy better on the HESI than the TEAS. We'll see I guess. I can't seem to find any more forums anywhere where I can get a good idea of when people find out.
  10. by   iheartnrsng
    The email they sent said the end of this month. The past three years it's been the first Friday in March, but maybe they had more applicants this year...
  11. by   pixielady
    I am officially going crazy waiting. I drive by campus all the time (I am at ACC RR 3x per week) and have a horrible urge to park and spy. I am sure that would get me in, right? Peeking in the windows to try to discern their selection system?
  12. by   pixielady
    iheartnrsng I hope you are right about the first friday. I could use some good news.
  13. by   iheartnrsng
    Yeah I'm still checking my Tx State email umpteen times a day, but I think we're probably gonna hear something closer to the end of the month. The email said we'd hear something "at the end of March" not "by the end of March" unfortunately....at least we only have a couple more weeks to worry wonder....