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Is anyone out there applying to TWU for the Spring of 2010? Just thought that I would start a group for all of us hopefuls so we could share information and have a way to communicate with each... Read More

  1. by   chizzyann
    Childofgrace,I am happy for you...I believe you have made a good choice.Good luck to all of us!!!!!!!
  2. by   goopsy
    childofgrace, your story is exactly like mine. Premed bio major turned nursing. Married, and would like kids sometime within the next 2 to 3 years. Good luck to you!
  3. by   RNJD77
    Hi ali523, I am applying to the TWU Houston campus. I understand what you are sayign about UT-Houston.I decided not to even bother applying there because of that exact reason as well.Since they just beginning their first Spring semester next semester,it's like they are trying to rush everyone to finish at the same time as the people who started this fall. Nursing school is already tough enough and jamming it into 1 1/2 is kind of ridiculous.So, I personally looked more programs like TWU that are two years programs.Also, the amount people trying to get in is ridiculous!It's like a High GPA and a pretty good NET score just isn't enough these days!
  4. by   jakktwo
    Quote from goopsy
    hey TWU weekenders. About getting opinions, you might have more luck starting a new thread asking for current student's opinions and title the thread TWU Weekend Program. Don't get me wrong-you are more than welcome to keep chatting here, but you might get more hits from other people/students too.
    About touring the Houston campus, I would...especially if you have already seen the other school's facility. Let us know if you decide to go see it!
    Good Idea....for weekend people you can go to

    "TWU Weekend Program Spring 2010 in Dallas"
  5. by   jakktwo
    Just as note of interest for weekend Dallas... I talked to the coordinator for the undergrad weekend program in Dallas. She said the Admissions office should send her the information about a week after the 23rd deadline. She will send the packets out sometime after that. She also mentioned an open house sometime in December that will be at night some time and will be talked about in the packet. This can also be seen on the Weekend thread I mentioned earlier...
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  6. by   DaneLogan
    I am not finding the path for the previous link. I only get the one I created before called "TWU Dallas Weekend Spring 2010". Anyone else find it?
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  7. by   RNJD77
    Hey guys!Has anyone else logged into their pioneer portal and noticed a new thing named "applicants" when you sign in on top of the student icon?!My admission status says accepted but I dunno is they are talking about the application or what?! I think it's the if that's the acceptance to TWU itself,but on the side it says for Academic Program NURSENTRY.BS.Does anyone else have this one their account all of a sudden?? I'm so confused.
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  8. by   goopsy
    I logged into the pioneer portal, clicked my info, then clicked transcript, and had to re-log myself in. Then I clicked on applicants on the R side, above students. And then clicked on admission status. Under academic program, mine also says "NURSENTRY.BSPB" but this is not for the nursing application we sent in, this was for the application we sent to TWU declaring nursing as our major. I figured this out because under Received, that date is the same month I sent in my application to apply to TWU. And that status says accepted because I was accepted to TWU, and the As of section is when I was given my acceptance letter to TWU. My Start term says 09/S1 (for 09 summer 1) because that is the semester I put on my application as my expected start date for TWU.
    You freaked me out lol. I kept thinking, "Oh man...they sent us our decisions!"
  9. by   goopsy
    The only thing different that I did notice is that as of 9/21, I have a hold on my account from an academic advisor. When I clicked the link provided on the hold, it says my academic advisor is anyone in the nursing office. I'm gonna call to see what that is about.
  10. by   RNJD77
    lol Yeah,I figured that out too I was freaking out too! Until I saw the dates; since that it around the time I applied for the University in April.! I wonder why they just chose to add that now when we are going crazy anticipating our nursing program acceptance/denial letters even though I know we still have 1-2 weeks to hear something haha

    I really hope they start sending them out Monday morning. That would be great!
  11. by   RNJD77
    mmm, yeah I dont get that either.That's strange
  12. by   goopsy
    Quote from mau00
    mmm, yeah I dont get that either.That's strange
    So you have a block as well? Does anyone else?

    I am thinking they will wait to get all the decisions of the weekenders today by 5 pm. Process those decisions on Monday, and update the acceptance list accordingly, and send letters out on Tuesday morning.
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  13. by   ali523
    i haven't checked to see if i have a block yet but i'm assuming its because they're still waiting for a final transcript (if you are currently taking classes that is) or immunization records, cpr certification, etc. thats what holds for the other schools i have applied to have been for at least
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