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Is anyone out there applying to TWU for the Spring of 2010? Just thought that I would start a group for all of us hopefuls so we could share information and have a way to communicate with each... Read More

  1. by   goopsy
    congrats jakktwo!

    Atleast we all know now that it takes 1 day to get the snail mail after emails are received. Last semester, those who didn't get an acceptance email got their rejection letters shortly after. Not fun.
  2. by   chizzyann
    I applied for both programs.I got the email for the weekend.They said if you get letter for the weekend,you will not be considered for the regular.I called to ask if i can get in for the regular.I was told i have to decline the current offer and i will be considered for the regular just like the 300 hundred eligible applicants.No GUARANTEE...I am so confused right now ...don't want to miss out on both ends but a little concern about online classes for pharmacology and pathio...any suggestion pls?
  3. by   butterfly journey
    Chizzyann, I think the question I would ask is "can I take the regular program or not?" and then ask yourself if you have a 4.0 or better with a Hesi of at least 80 or higher. In my opinion (not anything I've heard) I would think that those scores would give you reason to think that you could probably get into the regular program. I know that I've been told that GPAs in the 3.8 - 3.9 range are typically what they accept, so for instance knowing that you have a 4.0 or higher you can reasonably expect to get in. However, not a guarantee and you have to be able to accept the possibility that you might not get in. It's a hard decision, and not one I would want to make. With the program being only on weekends, I would think that it would give you more time to study (unless you have other obligations, i.e. a job).

    I will say a quick one for you and hope that you have something to help you base your decision on that's a little more concrete than what I've given you here.
  4. by   plasma
    Chizzyann...where did u get the information abt the online classes?
  5. by   plasma
    Are both pharmocology and pathopsyhiology online? Girls...what is the title of the Patho I can start looking at buying books...Its gonna be expenskink...(my son says that..he's 4).
  6. by   elizabelle
    Potential weekenders - I understand your concern about taking Patho online, but honestly, I am taking it right now, and the lecture doesn't help all that much. I think you could do fine in an online Patho class, if you are dedicated to studying. I can't comment on Pharmacology, though, because I haven't taken it yet. I think Goopsy has - Goopsy, what do you think about Pharm online? Did you take it online, or in class? You did ok taking it over the summer right? Good luck figuring it all out, guys! I bought my Patho book on Amazon, and it was slightly cheaper than the TWU bookstore. The one we are using this semester is Pathophysiology: The Biologic Basis for Disease in Adults and Children by McCance. It's the 5th edition. (although our professor admitted that she was using an older edition teacher's manual, so if I were you I would check to see if it was cool to buy the older edition to save $$) I would def verify with a prof before purchasing it, just in case they plan on making a switch before next semester.
  7. by   chizzyann
    Plasma, if you go to the nursing website and click on weekend program,then click on degree plan...its stated there that 8 of the classes will be online.I spoke with the Doc in charge of the weekend program who confirmed that patho and pharm. will be online and any course that ends with a 2.Basically, the total course work is 16 and 8 will be online.The regulars will also take 2 classes online with us too.
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  8. by   plasma
    Where are you looking at Chizzy...I opened up the pdf...but there were no 2 after the class.
  9. by   plasma
    NURS 3614 Nursing Assessment across the Life Span
    BIOL 4344 Pathophysiology
    NURS 3813 Pharmacology
  10. by   chizzyann
    Patho and pharm. along with NURS-4612,4602,3612,4902 and 2 others
  11. by   plasma
    Anyone know who the professor for online patho and pharm are...i wanted to do some research on Also I wanted to know if I needed to quit my job or not?

    Please send me a pm.
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  12. by   chizzyann
    one way to find out is to speak to one of the current students.but they are ony in class on fridays.
  13. by   goopsy
    Hey guys!! Sorry I missed so much. My friend had a garage sale this morning and she needed help, so I was up at 5 helping to set up and stuff and we were out there till 2 so I came home and crashed lol.
    About the online classes...In all honesty, I can say that the pharmacology class I took at UTA this summer (11 week course) was not bad at all. I made a B in it; I was mad at myself for the B, but sometimes it's not possible to always make A's. It was a really doable schedule. I am not sure how TWU does their class, but we had drug templates that we had to fill out, which was a worksheet for the different drug classes due each week. We were not required to learn specific drugs unless it was a really important one like digoxin because if drugs are in the same class, they all work the same way. I would say that TWU's class is easier because it has a 1 hr lab with it, which makes it easier to learn doing stuff hands on-atleast for me. Also, whatever you don't learn from home, I guarantee you they are going to make you learn in the lab, ya know? They are pretty strict about the labs because that is where a large part of the learning comes from. The online classes, in a way, are easier for me than the lecture-based ones because I am able to work at home in pajamas, late at night, don't have to drive to class stuck in traffic (especially going to Dallas Parkland campus), don't have to worry about falling asleep in a lecture or getting antsy in class, get food from the fridge. If you can't work from home, you can always go to the library, Borders, or some other internet cafe. You work on each section at your own pace before the given deadline, and like I said, it was just really doable. Also, we had bi-weekly checkins live over the internet and sometimes we used our videos to see eachother. That was nice because we had a chance to chat with other students and with the teacher. If I could take patho online, I most of the TWU students who I have talked with mentioned to me. Also, TWU would terminate the online program if most of the online students were not successful.
    In addition, worst-case scenario is that you have to stick it out for only the classes offered online; someone mentioned it was 8 but I would call to make sure. The rest are in class.
    Also, to tell you the truth, I would have a hard time turning down an acceptance without any guarantees being given for another program. It would be a disaster to turn down an opportunity, and then not be offerered another one. But, like butterfly_journey said, if you have a 4.0 and over an 80, I would feel somewhat OK with turning it down and going for the regular program.
    The only person who knows what is best for you is you. I know that's cliche in a way, but it's true. But I hope my advice helps you in making your decision. You do have some time to think on it. Good luck. If you have any questions, please ask.